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Hey guys, I said I couldn't update, but you guys were so supportive and made me feel so happy, I feel like updating might help, thank you, all of your comments meant so so much!

Again thank you guys so much, it really helps with the support! 


Niall: You and Niall were playing an intense 1 vs 1 game of football (not soccer, American football). And he was winning, by a lot. There were about five minutes left of the game, and you were down by two (idk scores man). You had the ball and were running towards the goal, but then Niall scoops you up and throws you over his shoulder.

"Niall put me down!" you squeal, flailing your arms and legs.

You accidentally kick him in the balls, causing him to groan and drop you.

"Owwww" he moans.

"Oh my god Niall I'm so sorry!" You worry, stiffling back a laugh.

He rolls his eyes at your failed attempt not to laugh, and yanks your arm, causing you to fall on top of him, crashing his lips into yours.

"You're forgiven" he grins.


Louis: You were having a peaceful morning on the couch with Louis, not doing much, as it was a lazy day.

"Y/N?" Louis asked, shutting off the TV.

"Hey turn that back on" you grunt, scrambling for the remote.

"Let's go shopping!" Louis grins.

"No... later..." you moan.

All of the sudden you feel Louis vigourously tickling you, causing you to flail your arms everywhere, and soon your foot hits his balls.

"Oops!" you chuckle, as he groans and dramatically falls to the floor.

"Cant...go...on..." he groans jokingly.

"Fine we can shopping.." you chuckle.

"I'm better" he grins, hopping up and walking awkwardly to grab his shoes.


Liam: You were peacefully laying in bed, sad Liam wouldn't be home from tour for another week. But as you were watching spongebob, you heard your front door open and slam shut, causing you to scream. Someone had just broke into your house!

"I-I have a gun!" you nervously shriek, creeping towards your stairs.

You hear chuckling and you scream as someone grabs you into a hug, and you slam your into his- well balls.

"Ouch! Y/N what the hell!" you hear Liam's voice.

"Liam? I thought you were a murderer oh my god!" you exhale, pulling him into a hug.


Zayn: You and Zayn were playing an intense game of Just Dance, and were playing a very pumping and fast song. You were belting out the lyrics and swinging the Wii Remote, and you accidently jammed too hard, hitting Zayn directly in da pubes. (lawl).

"OW!" he screamed, dramatically falling to the ground.

"Oh my gosh I am SO sorry babe!" you squeal running over and hugging Zayn.

"I forgive you, but I am never playing this with you again!" Zayn laughs.

"Fine!" you chuckle defenseively.


Harry: You were laying next to Harry in bed per usual, but he was tossing and turning in his sleep like no tomorrow. He accidentally hit your boob in the process, causing you to smack his stomach. Or at least what you thought was his stomach.

"OW MY SAC!" Harry groans, jolting out of bed.

"Sorry babe! But you won't stop moving and you hit my boob!" you whine.

"Well I know a way you can make it up" Harry cheekily grins, throwing you a wink.

"Go to bed Haz" you laugh throwing a pillow at him.


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#72 - You Accidentally Hit Him In The Balls


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