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Becoming Benevolent (First Draft)


This was the first story I ever wrote I hope you all enjoy it!


          Roxanne Nigh gasped as her mother quickly and recklessly passed the car in front of her barely avoiding oncoming traffic. “Cindy, honey,” her father started gripping the dashboard of the little car. “You’re going nearly sixty-five in a forty-five zone. Don’t you think you should slow down some? Roxanne isn’t going to be much better off if we get into a car accident.” her father added with a calmer tone than he felt.

            She glared at the back of her mother’s head in anger. Her mother always went into a panic attack when something would happen. Cindy swerved sharply around the corner and she pressed her teeth together as hot searing pain burned through her back. The sores on her back appeared about two weeks ago as just two big ugly boils. Roxanne assumed she was just eating too much greasy foods but eating better didn’t help and in fact they just got bigger. They grew down her back till about her hip line and about two to three inches wide. She didn’t tell anyone especially her parents due to her mother’s panic issues, but this morning the boils burst.

            They oozed a greenish-yellow puss and the smell was just awful, like four week old rotten eggs. That’s not to mention the pain which was a hot burning sensation that came in waves and was getting worse with every wave. She just couldn’t hide it any longer it was too much. Her mother, of course, went all crazy and had her in the car and racing towards the hospital before you could say over reacting.

            A loud horn blast broke Roxanne from her thoughts. It came from a car leaving the hospital that her mother nearly ran into it head on as they entered the hospital parking lot. She gasped grabbing on the to head rest as the tires squealed with complaint at the hard turn. A sudden stop sent Roxanne face first into the driver’s seat as her mother leapt from the car and ran into the hospital. “Dad can you please make her stop,” she cried out desperately knowing all too well what type of scene her mother was capable of making.

            “You know she only does this out of love and you should count yourself lucky there are some children that don’t have even that,” he told her for the millionth time as he got out of the car. She rolled her eyes not really caring about if her mother’s hysterics were something created out of love or not. If it was love, she didn’t want it!

            Her father helped her out of the car as her mother reappeared with a very rattled nurse trying to keep control of a wheel chair as her mother literally was pulling her by the arm. “Here she is,” her mother cried pushing the poor nurse in Roxanne’s direction. The nurse brought up the chair to Roxanne with clear confusion over her face as it was clear that the teenager wasn’t dying nor did she appear to have any life threatening wounds or conditions.

            She sighed with pain and embarrassment as her father helped her into the wheel chair; another wave of pain was washing over her at that moment. She felt as if her whole back side had just been lit of fire. It didn’t help at all that her mother decided she should be the one to push Roxanne into the hospital waiting room. Roxanne grabbed on the arms of the chair for dear life as her mother pushed the chair exactly like she drove the car. Her protests and pleas to her mother fell on deaf ears or least her mother’s deaf ears, everyone else seemed to notice. By time they had reached the waiting room, she swore literally every pair of eyes was on them.

            Oh God! If you have any love for me at all, please, please, please, let there not be any one from school here! Her mother left her by a row of empty seats and literally ran the reception area. “Help, my daughter needs to see a doctor now! Something is wrong with my poor baby girl,” her mother yelled. Even though it made her back hurt worse Roxanne sunk in her wheel chair and covered her face wondering why her father wasn’t here to stop that woman she unfortunately called mother. At the sudden Silence she looked up and her mouth fell open. Her mother was dragging some poor man towards her.

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Chapter 1 -Changes


Emma Robertsas Roxanne Nigh
Ian Somerhalderas Will Snyder
Jason Isaacsas Doctor John Snyder

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