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2 weeks Later
Prod's POV

its sooo fuckin hard workinh here! all the queen does is nag and complain and yell. nonstop! i have to sleep in one of the maid bedrooms... meaning its made for a maid. have i been sleeping and that ugly ass plain room?? hell nah! the prince and i are getting along really good, so he lets me sleep in his room. yeah i sleep with him... not in that way tho! i mean im feelin him and he feelin me so... we go out on the DL.. but i go into my room and he comes and gets me when the coast is clear.

rite now its 9:00 at night. im cleaning the kitchen with this other maid named Marie. eh she okay but i aint feelin' her. im feelin the prince.

i heard footsteps and i turned around. i seen the queen.
queen: Craig or whatever, you can go to bed now. you were able to go earlier. for now on, you stop working at 9:00 PM.
me: yes ma'am.
she walked away and i took off my apron. i threw it on the hook and walked up to my room. i stopped in the middle of the stairs, because my back started hurting, badly. its been killin' me all damn day.
i finished my walk up to the fifth floor, to my room and went inside, locking the door, ploping on the bed, laying on my stomach. prince has a key to my room, and we have a secret way that we get around the house. i closed my eyes, tightly because my back started throbbing. i opened them, and my door was being opened. it was Jacob. he shut the door, locked it, and came over to the bed, sitting beside me.
Jacob: hey prod.
me: hey babe.
Jacob: whats wrong babe?
me: my back hurts like hell.
Jacob: i can sneak into my moms room and get the Massage oil. then we can go into my room, and ill do your back while you watch TV, since you dont have one in here. huh? sound good?
me: sound excellent bae.
Jacob: ill be back.

He got the oil and came back.
Jacob: okay, everyone in the house is asleep. we can go.
i got up and we walked quietly to his room.

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