First Met

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  You were walking through the woods, trying to get your mind off

your horrible life at home when all of a sudden you feel something wrap around your waist.

You tried screaming but what seemed to be a black tentacle cover your mouth.

You get turned around and find yourself facing the Slenderman. You stare at eachother for a while

he finally breaks the silence. "My, My, you're even more beautiful than you are from behind. I hope we meet

again." He sets you down and disappears right after you blink.

Ben Drowned

You were playing Majora's Mask and had chosen the famous BEN file.

After doing the normal "You shouldn't have done that..." line for a while it finally started

reading "Hey there, gorgeous..." You were a little confused and worried but when it read

"Let's meet again..." when you were about to leave the game, you couldn't help but blush a few

different shades of red.

Jeff the Killer

You woke up to feel an icy cold knife held to your neck and someone you recognized

as Jeff the Killer whispering "Go to Sleep" right in front of your face.

You stared at him for a while, not in much fear since you felt like you had enough problems in your life,

waiting for him to slice your neck already. But he didn't.

Instead he sat up and said "You know... I'd kill you... But you're almost as beautiful as me." He 

got up and headed back to your window. "We'll meet again." He said

before jumping out again.

Eyeless Jack

You shot up from your bed when you felt a sharp pain right where your

kidney would be. You looked up to see Eyeless Jack staring back at you. You had read

many Creepypastas before, so you could easily recognize him.

You stared at eachother for a while before he let out a big sigh and put your

kidney back into you and sewed you back up.

"You owe me. We'll be meeting again later." He climbed out your window, leaving

you in awe.


You walked into your house to find it trashed!

You walked around, finding a white doll in the corner of the room.

You turned and walked into the living room but stopped when you founda man in

a white mask and a thick wind breaker sitting and watching you.

"H-Hey.." You said, stepping towards him.

Before you could take another step he charged towards you with a rock and tackled you...

But you eventually won and pinned him down.

He sighed and rolled you over so he was on top of you.

"Nice moves...but not good enough."