He catches you masturbating.

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Here goes my attempt at a dirty imagine.

Louis- You had finally gotten the kids to sleep and you flopped down onto the bed. You lay on your back and found your eyes drifting towards the bedside table. It had been atleast 2 months since you had last touched yourself, and Louis wouldnt be gone for an hour. So why not?

You reached your hand into the draw and found what you were looking for. Your secret erotica novel. You skimmed through a few pages and your hand found its way into your tight underwear. Your fingers worked like magic and you groaned at the feeling.

"Well fuck that, seems you started without me." You heard Louis grumble as he closed the bedroom door and leant against it. You hastily pulled your hand away and blushed. "Don't stop love, I was enjoying the show!" He smirked.

Harry- Harry was away for the day with the kids and had just left. You guys hadn't had sex for ages, and you had been horny lately. So you stepped into the bathroom and opened the bottom draw. Finding what you were looking for you made your way to the bedroom and dove under the covers. Your fingers hastily undid the latch on your jeans and you fingered yourself as you attempted to get wet. You pulled the dildo under the covers just as the bedroom door swung open. You gasped and dropped the dildo, it rolled off the side of the bed with a thunk as Harry stepped in with the kids.

"Hey kitt- oh shit kids outside. OUTSIDE QUICK, QUICK!!" He giggles as he ushers the kids out of the doorway.

Niall- "Come on guys let's go have some funny fun fun aight?" Niall asked your kids as he strapped them into the car. "Bye Y/N, be back in 1 hour, don't do anything I wouldn't do ok?" He smiled as he kissed your cheek and shut the door of the car, before backing out and driving away slowly.

You sat down on the couch and channel surfed until you came to ADULT +2. You laughed to yourself and tapped in the pin as some girls doing raunchy things to eachother popped up. Considering Niall would be gone for an hour you decided to have some fun yourself and pulled up your skirt. You slipped your knickers off and rubbed your aching clit. You flicked and rubbed in circles just as the front door burst open.

"Sorry princess forgot my wallet!" He stated as he circled to face you. You blushed and quickly changed channels but it was to late.

"Fuck Princess, you couldn't have waited? Well stop there and don't start again till I'm back!" He scolded you as he shut the front door.

Zayn- Zayn snores softly to himself as he relaxed against you on the sofa. As usual he had fallen asleep during the movie. You however were getting right into it when the movie began getting a bit heated. Your clit itched and as you scratched it you jumped as it came alive at your touch. You smiled to yourself and continued lightly touched yourself through your tights. Before long you were full on palming yourself roughly. Just as you were about to climax you felt Zayn stir by your side.

"Y/N, what the fuck are you doing?" He smirked as he eyed your embarrassed expression and hand placement. "You know you can have the real deal when ever you want Hon..."

Liam- "Now you take care of yourself cupcake, I will be back soon. Could you just get the kids asleep and by then I should be back ok. Love ya sweety!" He smiled as he roughly kissed your cheek before heading out into the night.

"You heard daddy, into bed boys." You laughed as your twin sons made their way down the hall and pulled the covers over their heads. You sang them a song and rubbed their backs until they were both fast asleep. You smiled and padded down the hallway to your room for some "Me, Myself and I" time.

You shut the door and locked it before running to the bed and pulling up the internet on your laptop. You searched for the site, clicked on the link and sighed as you looked through the porn. You selected "Virgin red head gets it taken", and pulled your clothes of until you were left in only a bra. You placed your entire hand over yyour cunt as you made a fist. You jolted as a spark of pleasure erupted. You continued watching the porn and playing with yourself until you saw the handle of the door being turned. You quickly pulled on a top of Liams and turned to face the door.

"Hey Y/N, the party ended early. And what on earth are you watching?" He frowned as he crept towards the screen. You mentally cursed yourself for not checking the door and not shutting the laptop.

A/N- I swear the same person must be reading this twice a day