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First Friends Then So Much More (COMPLETED)




With my eyes still closed, I slapped the snooze button for the fifth time knowing there is only a matter of time before my mom comes barging into my room.


“EVELYN  AUDEN ELLERBROOK WAKE UP THIS INSTANT!” my mom shouted as she pulled off my warm covers and exposed me to the cold of my overly-air-conditioned room.

“But moooom can I please have five more minutes? I stayed up late...well technically, it was early this morning until around 3am having a personal 'Friends' marathon. Few more minutes and I promise I'll get up and endure the torture that is high school ” I mumbled with my eyes closed and my head still buried in my pillow.

She pulled the covers back over me, patted me on the back and whispered, “If you're late it's your problem, your father and I are leaving”

I nodded and before she left the room, I was already sound asleep.

After 15 blissful minutes of sleep I woke up and began to stretch, lazily made my way to my closet and picked out my navy sundress, gray cardigan and brown riding boots that matched the small belt on my dress. I walked into the bathroom that is connected to my room to complete the final steps of my morning routine,  flipped on the light switch  and immediately sighed.


“This is the beginning of a very long year” I mumbled to myself as I began looking for my navy bow headband.

Why is it that we wait forever for summer vacation to come but once it’s here, time suddenly decides to speeds up?

 I looked in the mirror one last time before running downstairs only to see a baby-faced girl with naturally tanned skin, dark brown hair, and big green eyes staring back at me.

I really wish I aged over the summer or at least went up a bra size. Being a 32 A is embarrassing enough, but combined with the face of a toddler it’s torture. Guys always refer to me as 'cute', never hot or beautiful. Every girl likes to be hit on every once in a while, it’s like a weird pervy form of flattery.

I ran down downstairs, grabbed a yogurt, grabbed my keys and sprinted to the door.

I really can’t afford to be late on the first day, even though my school is what I call a daycare facility/ penitentiary. At  Hollow Grove High School, the teachers don’t care.  Seriously, my best friend Addi (short for Addison) skipped her first period class 27 times and still managed to get an A out of the class. The teachers are just here to babysit us until summer rolls around.  With the gray gloomily painted walls and cops at every entrance, it feels like I got enrolled in a prison not a high school.

It’s so weird because I live in a small town where everyone knows each other and nothing ever happens, what is the administration preparing for?

A full on student riot due to boredom?

I just have to keep reminding myself that being a junior means I only have two years until I graduate, which means no more 5:30 wake up call.

Whoever decided it was a good idea to make school start at 7:30 in the morning is seriously deranged. Who can think that early?! I sure can't. My brain doesn't switch on until at least noon.

 If you hadn’t already guessed I am DEFINITELY not a morning person.

In fact, I became somewhat nocturnal over the summer, I stayed up until the sun came up and slept until around 4:30pm and repeated that cycle up until two days ago.


“Tyler Collins ?" Mr. James announced as he sat at his computer.

”Here!” Tyler called back in reply.

“Evelyn Ellerbrook?” He announced next.

”Evelyn?” He repeated when I didn't reply because I was too busy staring out the window, and not at all paying attention.

Mr. James looked up from his computer where he logs the attendance and spotted me in the back of the room staring out the window blankly.  He strolled over to my desk, wearing his usual teasing smirk, and tapped my shoulder to gain my attention .

“Ms. Ellerbrook, I know you are a little busy in La La Land, considering you're the president and all, but do you mind returning to Earth briefly for homeroom roll call?” He said sterning though I could tell from his voice he was trying really hard not to smile.

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Sarah Hylandas Evelyn Ellerbrook
Emma Stoneas Addi (Addison)
Joshua Bowmanas Aiden Thompson
Michelle Trachtenbergas Leena
Sara Paxtonas Kaylee Valeman
Kellan Lutzas Riley
Steve Carellas Mr. Michael James
Lauren Grahamas Helena Thompson
Penélope Cruzas Susan Ellerbrook
Alessandra Ambrosioas Harper
Thore Schölermannas Gideon
Sean Farisas Nolan
Brittany Snowas Paige
Chord Overstreetas Ryland
Brittany Robertsonas Tori

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