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The Bet

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Heya everyone!

How're your summer breaks going? (or) How was the start of school? I hope not too bad. I'm dreading mine. But that doesn't mean you guys can't like it.

Anyways, this is the last chapter! I'm sure a lot of you are cheering and a lot of you and sad but, it had to end at one point - right? Plus, I didn't want to be one of those authors that drags on and on and on even though both the main characters are happy.

So, because this is the last chapter, I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me reach my goal of 1000 votes and 150 fans. Pretty please?

I really appreaciate all you guys have done to motivate me into writing this story. Your comments and votes have literally made me do several happy dances - none of which made me look sane by the way. You guys have been awesome! So, really, THANK YOU. :)

Also, soon, I'm not sure when (because I'm still in the planning stages), I will be writing another story. Make sure to keep checking or fan to know when I post. Thanks!


For the final time (for this story at least),

Yours truly,





Chapter 31 – A Tie?

Amy shuffled behind the counter as the line piled up. It was Friday after her fourth exam and instead of hanging out with her friends, she was back at work, earning whatever money she could so that she might be able to do something with herself this summer.

She served customer after customer, pulling their food up and handing them their trays with a coy smile placed on her lips before dashing back to the kitchen to get the next cheeseburger or pastrami sandwich.

Weren’t summers supposed to be slow with everyone gone on vacation and what not? This was just ridiculous.

It seemed with every man or woman she served two more were added to the line. It was endless and to make matters worse, her co-worker, Ruby, was out taking a smoke. She’d left before the people in the restaurant had started accumulating but Amy had her suspicions that Ruby saw the customers when she tried to come back and made a break for the alley behind the restaurant. Did it normally take people twenty minutes to smoke?

“Can I have some more sauce?” someone asked.

“How about some napkins?”

“Oh dear, I’m in a rush. Can you please hurry?” someone else asked gently, but Amy could still hear the impatience in their voice.

“One second!” she called back. She was breathless as she ran from one end of the kitchen to the other. Amy could hear lots of murmurs about the lousy service and some about their hunger. But no matter how fast she moved, Amy couldn’t seem to pull the line forwards. Let’s see The Flash try this, she thought sarcastically.

Amy couldn’t wait until she’d be able to drag herself home and plop into a nice big tub of bubbles and smelly soaps. Yep, that was right. Her mother had left and left her promise to change the locks unfulfilled. Thank goodness. Otherwise Amy would have found herself homeless as well as best friendless. She felt her heart constrict without her permission. Chris still hadn’t tried to talk to her – not that she was ready to let him either. It was just saddening to know that he didn’t want her anymore and a little frustrating because a little shred of hope withered away within her and there was nothing she could do about it.

“Ames!” Ruby cheered, stepping back into the restaurant with smugly innocent smile on her face, “Wow. Look at that line.”

Ruby slipped behind the counter, taking her time to do so and then to put on her apron and join Amy, opening the cash register beside her, “This line is now open!” she yelled and immediately, half the line came rushing towards her.

Ruby looked shocked for a minute and Amy smirked. That should teach her to not desert Amy in her time of need, she laughed under her breath. Her hands fumbled with the sandwich she was making when she heard Ruby.

“Hey, cutie-pie,” she flirted, “What can I get for you today? See anything you like?” Amy frowned. They weren’t supposed to socialise. Turning to see who Ruby was joking with, Amy’s mouth fell open.

There was Chris.

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Sean Farrisas Chris
Drew Seeleyas Greg
Nikki Reedas Melissa
Ashley Greeneas Julie
AnnaSophia Robbas Amy(1)
Alison Lohmanas Amy(2)

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