My Bully Loves Me (Princeton Love Story) BoyxBoy


Chresanto’s ~Pov~


Ohh So You Thought It Was Funny To Snitch On Me Huh I Say As I Shove Jacob Into The Lockers. “N-N-No I Just-’’(Gco) Save It . . . Just For That You & I Gonna Have Some Fun Later !. ‘‘Chres Please Don’t’’. Ahhh It’s Too Late Now Baby Boy. ‘‘I’ll Do Anything You Want Just Please Don’t Rape Me Again’’. Jacob You Know What I Want. ‘‘Anything But That Please’’. Too Late, Now Get To Class. ‘‘Ohh Fuck You’’ Mumbled Jacob… When I say in reply . ‘‘NEVER’’ Hah You Won’t Be Saying That Later Tonight !


Jacob’s ~Pov~


I Hate My Life. Chres Is Such An Asshole He Is Always Touching Me. I Don’t Like It. Why?? . Because I’m Not Gay At All, I Have A Girlfriend. Her Name Is Serinity , She Is 18 Just Like Me. (I Know Princeton Is 17)

She Doesn’t Know About Me & Roc. I Want To Tell Her But I Don’t Want To Get Chres In Trouble Or Anything. Besides Raping Me He Beats Me Too. I Try To Fight Back But, Roc Is Just Too Strong. I Always Have To Wear Makeup Over The Scars And Stuff. I Hope Chresanto Gets Over Me On Day. His Best friend Rayan Knows About What He Does To Me. Rayan Is Also My Friend. We Hang Out All Of The Time. I Think Ray Likes Me. I Like Him A Little Too. Wait No I Don’t I’m Not Gay. Plus I Have A Gf. Here Comes Serinity. Hey Babe. ‘‘ Haaay Jackek Pooh’’. Wanna Walk To Lunch W/ Me?. ‘‘What About Ray’’? We Can Wait For Him. ‘‘Okay’’.


Serinity’s ~Pov~


Haaay Jackey Pooh. ‘‘Wanna Walk To Luch W/ Me’’? What About Ray.

‘‘We Can Wait For Him’’. Okay. I Know All About Chresanto & Prince But Jacob Doesn’t Wanna Tell Me Whats Going On So I Just Don’t Bring It Up, But I’m Worried About Him. Jacob Isn’t A Punk He Just Isn’t Stronger Than Chresanto. He Also Doesn’t Wanna Get Him In Trouble. Oopp Here Comes Ray. Hi Ray.  ‘‘Hi Tt’’. Ready To Go To Lunch. ‘‘Yup, & Hey Jake’’ ‘‘Wussup Ray’’


-In The Lunch Room-


Princeton’s ~Pov~


As We All Sit Down At Out Table I See Chres Walk Past With A Smirk On His Face. Ugg Tonight Is Gonna Be A Long Night. ‘JAACOB , JACOB’’ . . .H-Huhh?. ‘‘I’ve Been Calling Your Name For The Last 3 Minutes’’. Oh, Sorry I Was Thinking About Something. ‘‘It’s Okay’’.


Rayan’s ~Pov~

So Jake , What Are You Doing Later? . . . Jake Looks At Me With That Face I Automatically Know That Roc Is Gonna Get Him Again Tonight. But Maaan Fuck That Me And Jacob Are Gonna Jump Chres Tonight. *Texts Jacob*

Trendy2wice: Jacob I Have A Plan

MisfitForLife: A Plan For What

Trendy2wice: -_-

MisfitForLife: Ohhh That , Ray Just Don’t Worry About It, I’ll B Fine

Trendy2wice: Noo We Are Gonna End This Tonight. Roc Won’t Ever Touch You Again

MisfitForLife: Fine Taco , What Is Your Plan?.

Trendy2wice: As Soon As Roc Comes In The House Text Me. & I’ll Get Over There As Fast As I Can. But You Have To Stall. Just Act Like You Wanna Have Sex With Him. Tease Him Or Something Idk. Just Do That Until I Get There, As Soon As I Come In We Will Jump Roc. Got It??

MisfitForLife: Ray , Eww Like Wtf. I Don’t Wanna Have Sex With Him Do I Have To Kiss Him??

Trendy2wice: -_-

MisfitForLife: Fine , But I’m Not Gonna Enjoy This

Trendy2wice: You Don’t Have To , Just Follow Along W/ The Plan.


-2 Hours Later-


The School Day Is Over, I’m trying to Avoid Chres. I Hope He Doesn’t See Me. ‘‘Afro Puff, You Weren’t Trying To Leave School without Me Were You? ‘‘No Chres, I Was Just Gonna Go Say Bye To My Girlfriend’’.

Yea That’s One Thing I Didn’t Mention. I Actually Live With Chresanto. His Parents Adopted Me When I Was 7. So He Is Like My Brother. I Know It’s Sad Right, Like How Could You Rape Your Own ‘‘Brother’’ . . .

‘‘Jacob , I Hope You’re Ready For Tonight.’’



-At Jacob’s House-


I Hope Rayan’s Plan Works Out. I Just Don’t Know How I’m Gonna Convince Chres That I Wanna *Coughs* Have Sex With Him Like Wtf , Eww. Ohhh Shit Chres Is Here *Texts Ray*

MisfitForLife: Ray He’s Here :’(

Trendy2wice: Okay I’m On My Way. Remember What I Told You.

MisfitForLife: Okay See You When You Get Here

-Thoughts- This Is Gonna Be A Loooong Night!

‘‘ JACOB COME HERE’’ . . . Coming Chres. 


(Okay I’m Gonna End It Right There So You’ll See What Happens To Chres In The Next Chappy)


But I Have A Few Questions

#TeamRaynceton (Ray & Prince) Or #TeamRoyce (Roc & Prince) Or #TeamPrinity (Prince In Serinity)


Should I Continue??


& How Often Y’all Want Me To Update ?

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