Mexican gangster love.


Ay Dios mio what time is it? I sat up in Guerito's bed looking for my phone. I found it in a table that was in one of the coners of the room. It was already 12:30! Also to my luck I have a headache. Great this is what I needed. I got out of the room and searched for Guerito.

To my surprise I found him in the kitchen, cooking!

" Hola mi Guerita. Are you hungry?"

I looked at him with a smirk and nodded.

" Yeah, I'm kinda hungry. You cook?"

" Of course chula." I blushed at his comment.

His cooking was really good. But not even his cooking got me distracted. As we ate I started remembering what happened earlier. " What do you want to do today?" His question brought me out of my thoughts. " Anything is good."

" Let's go play some soccer, and later I'll take you home or what ever you want." I nodded and we headed out.

We got into his car. I remembered the events earlier, so I tried to keep myself calm. " You want me to put music?"

" You like reggeton?"

" Yeah y tu?" " Tambien."

He connected his IPhone and music started playing. I didn't really pay attention to the music because I started thinking about Daniel. Guerito and Daniel are so much alike. Why did he have to be like Daniel? But most important, why do I feel this weird feeling around him? This is so stupid, Daniel is my ONLY love!

I didn't notice when we got to the park. Sheyla and me always come to this park. Guerito got a soccer ball out of his car. He grabbed my hand and led me to the soccer field. My hand felt right in his. This day is good to play soccer. " Guerita lets stretch before playing." " Ok esta bien."

" Want to play a friendly game or want to bet something?" "Let's bet Guero."

" Ok if I win, you go on a date with me tonight."

What the hell is wrong with this guy? But you know what, I'm good so, I'm going to win him.

" Ya estas. What if I win?"

" Anything you want mi Guerita hermosa."

" I know I'm going to win, but I don't know what to bet yet."

We did 10 minutes of warm up. After our warm up, we set our goals and started playing.

Guerito had the ball, but I was able to take it away and made a goal. The game went on for an


After an hour, I called it time. I was already tired. This chico has some skills! In a hour he made 20 goals and I only made 17! " Ok you win."

" How about a movie then we go walk around downtown?"

" Ok, but at what time though?" "7 p.m. I want to go out with you because estas muy chula."

I started blushing at his comment. Like always he had his famous smirk on his face. We decided it was time to go home, and he took me home. On our way home, Guerito started listening to some banda. This guy has taste!

" Thanks for everything." " Denada, but I'll see you at 7."

With that he left. I can't believe I have a date. It was been two years since I went on a date! Sheyla will be shocked.

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