Yes Wolf-He's a Wolf (EXO fanfic)

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Dedicated to @NoonaMM thank you po for making the cover kaya dapat sayo ang first page!!!!
Kamsa hamnida!

Written By: DianaRoseBanzuela

12 boys...

2 packs...

2 leaders...

1 love?

It's fangs against fangs!

(A/N: Guys! Alam kong sina Oppa Kris at Suho dapat yung leaders, pero love ko talaga sina Luhan at Sehun kaya sila na
lang! peace! ^___^v)


(Name-badge(super powers)-blood type-roommate-birthday-real name)

Alpha male: Sehun-wind-O-Suho-04/12/94 _Oh Sehun_

Suho-water-AB-sehun-05-22-91 _Kim Joon Myeon_

Chanyeol-flame-A-Baekhyun-11-27-92 _Park Chan Yeol_

Kyung Soo/D.O-earth-A-Kai-01-12-93 _Do Kyung Soo_

Baekhyun-light-O-Chanyeol-05-06-92 _Byun Baek Hyun_

Kai-teleportation-A-Kyung Soo-01/14/94 _Kim Jong In_


(Name-badge(super powers)-roommate-birthday-real name)

Alpha male: Luhan-telekinesis-O-Lay-04/20/90_Xi Luhan_

Xiumin-frost-Tao-03/26/90_Kim Min Seok_

Kris-flight-O-Chen-11/06/90_Wu Fan_

Lay-heal-A-Luhan-10/7/91_Zhang Yi Xing_

Chen-lightning-Kris-09/21/92_Kim Jong Dae_

Tao-time control-Xiumin-05/2/93_Huang Zi Tao_

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Yes a Wolf-He's a Wolf (EXO fanfic)


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