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I got knocked up by my best friend


Chapter 1

"Ok look you still haven't lost your virginity yet." My friend Jason joked. 

His sandy blond hair and green eyes tall and athletic figure was just amazing to look at.

We had been friends for over 13 years. Since we were 3.

He knew at some point with me loving sex I would get knocked up and he wanted to know if he could just be the baby's godfather.

"Well we all know that I am not knocked up and never will be. Ifs that's what you were implying." I said smiling.

"Ok let's change subjects. I am having a party tonight do you want to come?" He asked he could be the sweetest guy ever. Not that I like him like that or anything. Maybe I do.

" Jay you asking me out?" I asked looking into his green eyes.

"If that's what you want ginger." He said jokingly.

I had the perfect curls that you just want to stick your fingers in and it was red so I got called ginger a lot.

"Ouch jay that really hurt." I said all dramatically. Touching my c cup size boob to we're my heart should be.

"Anything for you angel." He said.

That's my name don't wear it out. I thought.

"Ok well Baby I love you to." I said. He grinned like a fool.

He loves it when I call him baby. I guess it means that we might go out or something but I only consider being friends with him.

"Love ya." He said real quick and then gave me a peck on the lips.

Was he high or something or was he confused that I was someone else?

"Who you talking to." I yelled down the hallway.

"YOU!" He yelled beck.

Instantly I knew my cheeks would be red like a tomato.

What did he mean love ya?

Ok I decided he must be high.

He ran back to me and kissed me harder this time with a hint of something else.

I tangled my finger through his hair deepening the kiss instantly.

He moaned under my lips.

I pulled back reluctantly.

I said nothing just looked him and the eye and grinned like there was no tomorrow.

He was the first one to break the silence.

"Wow." He whispered in my ear.

"More like oh my god." I said once I got my voice back.

"I meant it you know." He said looking me in the eye.

There was a seriousness in his voice that I have never heard before.

"You really meant it when you said you loved me?" I asked just looking straight in the eye and grinning.

I couldn't stop myself.

He didn't show any signs that he was high.

"Yes." He said

"Good because I love you to." I said surprising myself once again.

I though I only liked him as a friend.

But as soon as he kissed me the connection we had was strong and now I know I was just bottling up stuff that i didn't want to tell people or believe myself.

"God I can't wait for the party." He said moaning again.

I kissed him softly on the lips." Why... Is.... That." I said in between the soft kisses.

He moaned again as I bit his lip softly.

What was wrong with me I shouldn't be doing this! He was my best friend!

"Because I have a supreme supersize for you baby." He said.

"Ugh I have to go before class starts." I said.

"Ugh. You are coming over tonight right?" He asked.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world." I said giving a wink before I turned around.

"Hey!" He called out.

"Ya." I said turning around.

There was know one in the hallway now but there were a lot of people when he kissed me.

"Does this mean your my girlfriend?" He asked a smile showing on his face as I shook my head yes.

As soon as u turned around all I hear was...

"YES!" As he ran to his class.

All I did was laugh.


The next 6 classes went ok except almost all of them were boring and a mother fucker.

"Ok class we will Blah.....Blah.....Blah."

That's all I heard from the teachers today.

Thank god I was going over to gabby and Logan's house they were my girl friends.

"You ready for tonight?" Jay asked me as soon as I am in his car I have to hitch a ride with him.

"Totally. All the other girls would be jealous of what I am going to wear." I said as he put his arm around the back of my seat.

"Well at least I am the only guy that will be looking at you." He said grinning.

What did that mean.

"What do you mean?" I spoke my mind.

"I mean I told every guy if they hit on you I will punch them into a wall." Said his grin getting wider.

"Harsh." I said laughing along with him.

God now I know why I like him so much.

He is funny.




And best of all...


"So drop me off at The twins place and then I will walk with them."I said.

I had not stopped smiling since ha had kissed me this mourning.

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