The Blue Assassin (on Hold)


"It's all your fault. It's all your fault. It's all your FAULT! You did this. You killed him." I said staring at the dead body in front of me.

"Just listen to me Leah! We can just leave him to rot and we'll be together forever!" Luca pleaded a couple of meters in front of me. Still staring at body in front of me, I felt a tear roll down my cheeks. I quickly knelt down and kissed his lips before letting my eyes lock with the man who was once family to me. The same man who taught me everything I knew about being a thief. The same man who helped me survive. I looked into his eyes, consumed by the darkness that made him a Templar.

 You know what you have to do. I heard in my mind.

Yes I know, but his eyes... I replied, seeing a hint of hope embedded there.

Don't let him fool you! Remember what he did the last time... she yelled, making me cringe. My strength and anger began to return and suddenly I felt warm breath upon the nape of my neck.

"You know, he was always such a pest. Especially when he thought he killed me and said "I'd even kill myself in order to make her happy." And so I killed him! Aren't you happy?" he finished, chuckling before he teleported back in front of me, leaving a trail of black energy from where he once stood. My wolf wanted to rip him to shreds and she howled inside for her mate, our mate. 

"No you killed him, so now you have to die." I said, pulling my hood over my head. "You don't deserve to wear that hood! Templar!" I yelled. He chuckled before giving me a hard stare.

"Well then. You'll have to die along with him." he said, unsheathing his blade. Feeling more tears stream down my face, I unsheathed my blade, gripping the hilt with all the strength I had left. Our energies engulfed our blades; his black, mine blue.

"Goodbye Luca." I said, coldly.

"Goodbye Leah." he said, tears coming to his eyes. I held my blade at my hip, ready to slice his stomach open. We zoomed past each other letting our energies fade after. He collasped to the ground, letting the crimson blood spill to the floor. I sheathed my blade once again, slowly walking towards him.

Leah, something's not right. I don't think we should go to him. she said, her voice filled with tension.

I'll be fine. Don't worry. I replied softly in my mind. I kneeled down beside him, looking into his eyes. They showed confusion, regret and sorrow.

"How could you stoop so low Leah. I never expected the great "Blue Assassin" to go on a quest of revenge." he said.

"How could I?! You've got some nerve! You killed the man I loved! Burn in hell Luca! You're not worth my time. Goodbye." I said, turning away to get up. Suddenly, I felt a knife plunge through my heart making me scream in agony. I collasped to the floor, seeing the crimson liquid beginning to seep through my robes.

"No cousin. We'll be together. Even in death.." he said, and I could feel the darkness closing in. 

My eyes snapped open, making me look around to see myself perched on a eagle platform overlooking the city. Another vision. Great. I've already had at least 10 of these this morning! He'll die, I'll die or hell! We both die. And I'm prepared to let this happen. I can't let him live, not with everything he's done. As the raindrops fall heavily, I stand to see leaves whirling around me in a tornado. I look to the sky with a smile on my face. "Yes, I know its time. Wish me luck." I whisper to the sky before jumping into the hay bale below me. I am the Blue Assassin and I will do anything to destroy him even if it means sacrificing myself.  

AN: Hi!!! So this is my first story and I need opinions. Should I keep or trash??? Thx.

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