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Killer mansion ( Creepypasta story )


Ben: EVERYONE IT'S GAME TIME *slides down the stair's railing with rainbows following behind him*

Aiko: what for *is spinning around in circles with rainbows trailing after her*

Jeff: what's up with the rainbows? *sitting on the couch*

Aiko: we ate Jack's lucky charms

Ben: anyway thanks for the interruption captain obvious, like I said, IT'S GAME TIME

Jack: game time for what *just walked out of the kitchen, eating a kidney*


Jeff: ???? chicken 

Ben: yessssss, we need to get the moldy peice of chicken out of the fridge

Aiko: I SHALL BRING A FRIEND OVER THEN!!!!! *runs out the front door*

Jack: *is singing* and she'll be coming around the mountain when she comes~

~a hour later when everyone, excluding sally, is in a circle with the moldy peice of chicken in the middle~

Ben: OKAY THE RULES OF THE GAME ARE, that one person asks someone truth or dare or chicken, if truth or dare the person who asked makes up one and they will have to do it/ answer it, if after the truth or dare is given to chicken out you have to take a bite of that nasty peice of what was chicken in the center.

Slendy: got it~ *is sitting criss-cross apple sauce style with Aiko sitting on his lap*

Jeff:.... why is Aiko sitting on your lap

Aiko: why not is the question 

Jack: um, because it's awkward

Aiko: this is how i win truth or dare, you will see soon enough

Ben: .... okay then i'll go first, um.... *evil smile appears* Jeff truth or dare

Jeff: .... *is suspicious* dare?

Ben: i dare you to kiss Slendy

Jeff: *immediately grabs the chicken, takes a bite, then throws up in the kitchen sink*

Ben:....... i guess you're forever alone Slendy

Slendy: :( sad face

Jeff: *after rinsing out mouth, sits back down like a boss* okay then Ben i dare you to kiss Aiko~

Ben: 0_0 are you kidding me...... i will get whacked repeatedly by a spoon if i do

Jeff: either that or the chicken

Slendy & Aiko: pawnage~

Ben: *is thinking really hard* i will go with the chicken *reaches for the moldy chicken leg*

Aiko: *high fives Slendy* YEAH, WE'RE BOTH FOREVER ALONE

Jack: and you're excited by this?

Aiko & Slendy: pawnage~

Jeff: why do you guys keep on saying pawnage? 

Aiko: duh it obvious, it's the word of the day

Ben: *takes a bite of the chicken*'s not that bad- *runs to the bathroom and keeps on vomiting*

~5 min. later~

Aiko: come on when is Ben going to stop puking

Jack: eh, we'll check on him in 10 min. let's continue

Aiko: okay um....*evil glint appears in her eyes* Jack truth or dare


Aiko: :( why you no fun

Jack: gimme the truth Aiko~ GIVE ME THE TRRRUUTTHHH~~~

Slendy: now thats just creepy

Aiko: anyways, um... idk now, i guess when did you get out of diapers?

Jack: *stands up and puts one foot on the couch, with his hand over his heart and proudly states* WHEN I WAS THIRTEEN

Aiko & Slendy: 0_0

Aiko: hey guys, where are Masky & Hoody?

Slendy: i think they went to the zoo today

~Masky and Hoody at the zoo~

Masky: *is in the lions cage, being chased by the lions* OH DEAR CHEETOS, HELP HOODY

Hoody: *has all the souvenirs, including an animal hat, and takes a picture of Masky*


Hoody: because instead of choosing to break into the lions cage, i went into the panda one.

~back at the house where truth or dare or chicken is being played~

Slendy: yeah i'm sure of it

Ben: *is in the background getting put into an ambulance by the paramedics*

Jack: um..... Jeff i dare you to uh, idk, uh kiss Aiko for at least 5 seconds

Aiko: *shoots daggers into Jeff's head, telling him to eat the chicken*

Jeff goes over and looks away making him look all cross eyed and slowly moves toward Aiko, then at the last moment Aiko sneezes making Jeff kiss Slendy instead.

Aiko: and this is how i win truth or dare~

Jeff: *goes to the bathroom and rinses mouth out with hot water profusely*

Jack: *snorts* nice

Slendy: lolz :D  i am not forever alone now *takes lighter and burns where his mouth is supposed to be*. okay then Jack i dare you to throw away your lucky charms

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