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Hiley's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore of Cali. I got up and made myself steamy hot dirty rice. I really didnt feel like eating bacon and eggs. I sat down in my study and turned on my T.V. I was watching the Tudors until the news shut on. "Breaking News Liam Payne is getting married to Emma Watson". I was shocked, me and Liam known each other for 19 years and we loved each other most dearly. I hated Emma Watson ever since she stoled my other boyfriend Taylor Lautner.  Suddently i heard a knock on my front door, so i ran to go open it.

" Liam"

"Did you hear the news"


"I'm getting married now"

"Then why are you here"

"Who do you think im marring"

"Emma isnt here"

"You silly girl im marring you"

"WHAT you cant marry two people at the same time you will get arrested"

"Im not marring Emma Im marring you"

He got on one knee and said it. 

"Hiley Zahria Swertcher will you marry me"


He put the ring on and carried me to the wall. He pulled off my skirt and shirt so i was left in my brasserie and knickers. He kissed me down my jaw line to my sweet spot.



"If your marring me why did the news say you were marring Emma"

"Look at the calendar dear"

I did as he said, and looked at the calendar.......OH SILLY ME. Its April the 1st. 

"But wait"

"What Hiley"

"I wanna wait till the HoneyMoon"

"You smart girl, Get ready for the wedding at 5:00"

He put on his clothes and walked out with a smirk on his sweet face. 


I'm done with everything and ready to get hitched. The Chapel was 23 minutes away, so i had time. The music played as i walked  down the carpet. A few minutes later in the after party i talked to my closes friends. I got so many gifts. I got 23 boxes of condoms from Jamie, A sexy suit from Anna, Furry hand cuffs from Kerri, and Lubricants from Daisey. These were weird but cool gifts. Al of a sudden some one picked me up and carried me to the car. I said my final goodbyes and threw the flowers. I didnt see who caught the flowers but all i know it wasnt one of my friends. Liam and I got to Miami and had a loonngg honeymoon the only thing we did was have sex, sex and sex, well i watched my favorite show Tudors but that doesnt count.

6 months later

BING BANG BOOM YOUR PREGNATE!!!!!!!! ......and your baby was a.......Gorrila!!


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