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From The Light Of The Moon


A she-wolf ran through the thick forest, swerving around every tree that stood in her way.

"I must reach him, tell him everything." she whispered to herself.

The once-full moon had faded into the darkness. Only a small slit of light was visible in the sky. Once the wolf took notice of this, she quickened her pace. This night would be the end of their wolfen society. A single rebellious wolf, who knew how much damage he could cause? Although, the she-wolf was no longer alone.

"Hey! You are going against the pack laws!" a young male wolf shouted. His black fur was barley visible with such dim moonlight.

"There won't be any pack at all if I don't do something!" she snarled back, still keeping her fast pace.

He gave her a blank stare, but quickly followed after her. The only way he could keep sight of her was to watch her brown tail sway beside her. He didn't understand what she was running for, but he knew she was nervous. The wolf could tell by the fear in her eyes.

"Why are you following me?" she questioned him.

"Well I could see everything in your eyes. What the hell is going on?" he replied, starting to become anxious.

She sighed and yelled back, "You mean you don't know? A rebel loner has decided to destroy our society. Once the moon is completely fazed out, he will be victorious. That, and who are you?"

"That's insane! I knew we should've killed the hostile loners, that's what I've been telling Ponchi. I'm Reuben by the way. Now that you've had your fun in questioning me, who are you?" Reuben replied then asked.

"It's Kirinna. With introductions out of the way, I just want to inform you that he will be killing the leaders at Isolo's Peak." Kirinna shouted back at him and she started running again.

Reuben chased after her, not even replying. If the leaders were murdered, the packs would fall into ruins, chaos! None of their offspring were prepared to take over as alpha. Eventually, Kirinna skidded to a stop.

"Why the hell did you stop? Our leaders are going to die!" Reuben yelled.

Kirinna silenced him with a glare, signaling him to shut up.

"Look, if we head straight in there, we're dead. We need to rescue them from behind." Kirinna whispered, Isolo's Peak right in her view.

Reuben nodded at her then started crawling ahead. He stared into the trees to see Vilkas, the rebel loner that was exiled a year before. Vilkas had Nashoba, Alpha female of the Black Bear pack, pinned to the solid ground.

"You! You and your filthy mate! I was exiled because of you. It's all your fault! Now, you feel pain. Cry out in agony as a rip away your flesh!" Vilkas shouted and sunk his razor-like fangs into her shoulder.

Reuben stood in shock, unable to speak. Kirinna quietly stalked after her him and looked ahead. She then swirled behind Vilkas and looked to the moon. At least two minutes until it was completed.

"Sorry, but I just can't let you ruin the society we have." Kirinna whispered to him.

Kirinna leapt onto Vilkas' powerful shoulders and dug her teeth into his fur. Vilkas snarled and stood on his hind legs.

"So, there are a few courageous ones left eh? It's a shame. You could've been picked to join me. Now you'll die and burn in hell!" Vilkas shouted.

Kirinna wouldn't let go, using her will power to cling to his thick flesh. Blood started to flow out of his wound and into Kirinna's jaws. Vilkas spotted Reuben in the hedges and quickly ran towards him. Just then, he grabbed Reuben by his tail and slammed him into a tree. Kirinna let go and ran towards Reuben. He shakily stood and looked to their pack leaders. Nashoba was lying on her side, blood still gushing from the bite on her shoulder. Her mate, Noburu, was in a worse condition. He has a stick lodged in his chest and too many flesh wounds to count. Reuben sighed then looked to Vilkas.

"Aww how cute. A bunch of filthy mutts think they can rise up against me! You are wrong. This is my time now, your leaders will die. Just consider it returning the favor!" Vilkas said, smirking at the last part of his words.

Suddenly, Nashoba stood with Ishari and the two alpha females looked to Vilkas. "No Vilkas, your time will never come. We just wont let it happen. I used to favor you out of Nashoba's pack. You appeared to be such a wonderful wolf to have as a warrior but now I see your true side. You Vilkas, are nothing more than a rebel bitch!" shouted Ishari.

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