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A/N: Before I start I want to say this is my first book so please don't be rude. Thank you! Every chapter will be put in Seff's POV. Yeah. It's pretty boring at first, but I promise if you stick around it gets better!

Okay, I am not your average girl. Sure, sure. Every person thinks they aren't normal but I am not faking it. Being honest with you, I am not pure human. My life outside of the pack is a deep lie.

As a wolf, life isn't easy. Of course we have an advantage. At will, we can force ourselves to appear human and speak like one. Stealing is one thing we've had to do to keep up our facade. To keep from getting caught, we've used the slyest creature in the woods, the foxes.

I have my friends to rely on. Christian, the raven- haired boy with tanned skin and a muscular build. Tyler, the thin, playful brunette. And lastly, Nakoda, the pale, fun-loving brunette. We've known each other since we were born.

Although we are friends, there are five packs, not counting the broken sixth. The Deer Foot, Golden Leaf, Silver Water, White Mist and Shadowed Moon Packs. The sixth had gone by the name of the Cougar Fang pack. I don't know of their history. Only Alphas have the information, so us betas and 'Juvis' have no information. I've only heard rumors, but we all know how hard it is to believe them.

I slept in my den, snoring softly. A loud bark woke me up from my peaceful sleep. I snarled, looking to see my Alpha and brother, Ruben. He glared at me, but I squinted at the bright sun.

"Morning, lazy ass," he says, using his normal edgy tone. I mumbled incoherently, glad he didn't hear my curses. I stretched, sighing loudly. Dustin, my omega, walked my way and sat down beside me. To describe him in the least, he was a pale tan wolf with beautiful silver eyes. As a human, he had a hairstyle others described as 'emo.' I smiled at him, welcoming him over. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my brother glaring. He never liked me being so kind to Dustin, or an omega for that matter. Ignoring Ruben, I focused on Dustin.

"Seff, you really need to wake up earlier," He says with a small smirk spreading onto his face. "Yeah, yeah. I'll get to it. Eventually..." I replied. He laughed at me, his grey eyes sparkling. Even though he was an omega, I felt at ease around Dustin. He is always kind and never violent or rude. My own ears pricked up at a sharp howl. The hunting party, Braxton, Kina, Trey, Ivan and Damaris, had brought down a large caribou for us. We have been lacking on food for a few days as the herd was traveling through the territories of other packs. Alphas ate first, then came my turn. The warm blood dripped into my mouth and down my muzzle. After taking my fill, I was covered in blood. I snarled at the other Juvis and Betas then allowed the omegas to eat. I cared for Dustin and the others too much to let them get scraps.

The lake water cooled my body as I dove in. Blood was actually easy to get out of fur. Yeah I know, surprise surprise. Taking a bath so early benefits, I don't have to sleep with wet fur. Leaping onto the rocks, I shook myself dry and laid down in the sunlight. Once you get that sun-dry smell, you never go back. I sighed to myself and closed my eyes. The cool air split my fur, making me shiver. Not far off, I could sense another wolf. In a daze, I barely recognized their scent or their paw steps becoming louder as the seconds passed by.

"Hey Seff, you need to wake up.'re really cute when you are sleeping~" he purred in my ear! sending chills down my spine. My eyes snapped open once his tail lashed against my hip. "Christian," I groaned, staring up at his cocoa brown, and may I say sexy, eyes. "Sun dry while we're walking to get Tyler," Christian said. "Why are we getting him?" I asked, still slightly dazed from my sleep. "I don't know, I'm bored," he mumbled, smiling. I sighed in defeat, walking beside him.

Tyler rolled his eyes at Christian, laughing at his impatience. "Look Christian, I am busy and my brother won't let me go." Tyler muttered his words, obviously too tired to care. I still grin thinking about it. Tyler's bi-colored eyes, one brown and one hazel, still held their playful glow. "Ditch Dylan and come with us!" Christian whined. Tyler turned down Christian's persistent pleas, and ran off into the thick White Mist territory. "Christian, I need to go home soon. My brother won't be happy knowing I was with you again," I said, scenting the air for any of the omegas. The tend to wander. Although they are my friends, loyalties lie with the alpha. Christian leaned his head against me, sighing in content. We are best friends but things like these tend to happen...a lot. We sat down, a willow tree's branches dangling over our heads. Most people think of these trees as saddening or depressing, but we wolves find them as beautiful as any other tree. Christian flopped onto the grass, dragging me down with him.

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Victoria Justiceas Seff Cotto
Taylor Lautneras Christian Morales
Dave Francoas Luca Vargas
Zac Efronas Niko Valenzuela
Ariana Grande as Nakoda Delgado
Dylan O'Brien as Tyler Quinn

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