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From The Light Of The Moon


A/N: This is my first book here on Wattpad. It's placed in Seth's POV. I hope you enjoy! Oh and there's a picture of Seth down in the media box


        A lie is like a trap you set for yourself. Somehow, you'll end up caught by the words that came out of your own mouth. Lucky for me, I haven't been caught. My lie has been the same for the past four years. It's a good streak isn't it?

         My name is Seth Carriedo and I'm the timber wolf of New York. I know wolves don't belong here in New York but I had to leave my pack in Canada. My mother lost her Alpha position and rogue pack had gained control. The males tried to force me to stay as beta female. To escape, my parents and five of my pack mates left to the city. Wolves are known to avoid humans, but I'd rather live in their world than be alone in mine. My mother and father started working to pay for a house. Eventually, they managed to get the money together. Our house has four bedrooms, which means my friends and I had to room with someone. We eventually sorted things out and I now room with Arianna, my hilarious anime loving friend. Also sharing our room is Nicolette, the hipster of our group. The guys, Jordan, Christian and Tyler, shared another room. The fourth room is for us to hang out in without my parents being there.

        My first day as a Senior in high school came quickly. I woke up to a buzzing alarm clock. It read 5:30 a.m. I yawned and looked to Nicolette on the other side of the room. She was still asleep, her red hair in a messy bun. I chuckled softly and pushed my blanket to the side. "Arianna?" I mumbled tiredly. "Yeah, yeah. I'm awake," she replied. I stood and stretched, only stopping after hearing the rough 'pop' and crack of my limbs.

        "She's been sleeping for too long..." Arianna hissed, throwing her pillow at Nicolette. "What the hell Arianna?" she snapped, now fully awake. Arianna grinned like a kid on Christmas and said, "Oh come on, the pillow wanted to hit you. Besides, you take hours in the shower." I laughed and managed to say, "C'mon, breakfast is probably done." I left the two in the room and went downstairs. My mother kissed my forehead. Judging by how she was dressed, I figured she was going to leave. "Bye mom, I love you." I said with a smile. "I love you too Hun. Don't do anything stupid. Oh, make sure Christian and Jordan don't get suspended." With that, she walked out of the door. I grabbed the cereal box out of the cabinet as soon as I heard the car pull out. Someone blew in my ear, making me jump. Jordan threw his hands up in defense. "Don't do that!" I growled, earning a laugh from him. Nicolette came down the stairs, saying, "Christian is hogging the bathroom!" Arianna followed after. "How long does it take him to do his hair? Jesus..." Arianna mumbled, putting bread in the toaster. I poured a glass of milk for myself, but ended up chugging it down.

        After eating, I quickly ran to the shower. God knows how long it takes Nicolette to get out of the shower. Unlike her, I finished within five minutes and went back to our room. I slipped on a pair of jeans, a green shirt and a pair of Jordan Retro 4's. I was one of the few girls who actually had a 'sneaker game.' Parting my hair to the right, I realized I had finished ten minutes to spare. "Hey Seth, sit down," I heard Tyler say, I walked to the black couch and sat down beside him. "So Tyler, do you know what classes you have?" I asked, looking at his outfit. He wore a pair of jeans, a grey v-neck and a pair of vans. His amber eyes shone brightly under his glasses. "No. I hope we have more than just one class together this year." Junior year, Tyler and I had one class together. We didn't know more than half of the class and the teacher, Mr. Owens, split us all up so we didn't 'cause any trouble.' I bet he heard about our sophomore year with the last math teacher. She ended up transfering. Oops... "Me too," I replied. He looked to the door then back at me. "Where's mom?" That's what he referred to her as. Out of the guys, Tyler was like a big brother to me. "She left for work. So did Daddy." I replied. My actual blood brother lived in a condo nearby. At least I see him often. "Oh." was all he replied with. I looked at the black watch around his wrist. His watch read '6:27.'

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Chapter One: New Beginnings


Victoria Justiceas Seth Carriedo
Taylor Lautneras Christian Morales
Dave Francoas Damien Delgado
Toby Turneras Jordan Mitchell
Ariana Grande as Nicolette Vargas
Dylan O'Brien as Tyler Quinn
Keke Palmeras Arianna Williams
Gary Rojasas Tristan Cruz

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