The Walking Dead: Daryl's Love Story

Hello.. I'm Becca and on July 26th, 2018 the Zombie Apocalypse broke out. At first, tens of people were dead then hundreds, then thousands, then millions. I'm from North Carolina, I lived with my Mom and my brother. My step-dad was.. Eaten... I'm only 17, and this is my story of The Walking Dead.

-Daryl's POV-
The weather was cloudy and a bit rainy, seemed like just another stormy day. Shit was I ever wrong.. I was outside hunting with my brother Murrel and my father. My mom had been killed much earlier, she was laying in bed with a cigarette.. She ended up burning not only the house, but herself down to a crisp. But back to the Apocalypse. My dad sent me inside to get more ammo for his double barrel shotgun, so I agreed and ran inside looking for the ammo box. I was never a person who liked guns, I prefer the crossbow, but I would use one if I had to. As I looked around I heard a scream, a scream of an older man. It sounded like my father, "DAD?!" I scream back, hoping to God he was okay. "..." No reply.. "DAD, MURREL?" I shriek, looking out the window for them. Murrel was my older brother, he wasn't that much older but he was older than me. "THIS IS NOT FUNNY, WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?" I beg for an answer. I kept looking out the window, crossbow tightly in my hand, I saw a tallish figure with blood oozing from their chest. "Are you okay, man!?" I try not to scream. No reply, just a groaning sound. He comes running up an hits his face against the window, continuing to groan. I look closely and notice that this guy is not human. "Uh..." I shlyly say before he starts breaking the glass. Is he trying to kill me?! I only hear groans from the man-thing. He looks human.. But doesn't seem human.. "Holy Shit.." I thought, "The zombie fucking apocalypse!!" I started panicking, trying not to but failing a bit. Then, out of nowhere the man broke the glass and came into the house where I was.

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Norman Reedusas Daryl Dixon

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