New Girl (Mindless Behavior Love story) STARRING YOU!!!


Raven: Oh see these were the boys. 

You: Oh crud. 

Shay: You know my weird neighbor. 

Ray: Aye don't call me weird. 

You: But GCO~ 

Chres: So you know Ray. 

Ray: And you know him. 

You: Yeah but. 

Ray: Wow thats cool so we can maybe hangout sometimes. 

Chres: Yyyeeaahhh and Jacob and Craig can hangout too. 

You: But I GCO~ 

Ray: Sorry for crashing your party let me leave *Goes in the kitchen* THESE TAKIS ARE HOT!!! 

Chres: I'll bye leaving too bye guys. Save some for me. 

Aniya: What just happen? 

You: *Gives a are you kidding me* 

Shadiya: Those were your 2 timers girl you got problems. 

You: Wait....WHAT? 

Raven: She said you got problems. 

You: No not that I mean they came saw me didn't say anything about calling me meeting me or anything. Its like they didn't remember the day I met them. 

Aniya: Look don't think that I'm sure they have used their stupid minds. 

You: *Laughing* Yeah ok. Let me call Craig. 

Shay: Who is this Craig? 

You: A boy. I'm gonna call him.

Phone Convo

C: Hello? 

Y: Hey Craig. 

C: Whats up. 

Y: Nothing I just wanted to talk.  

C: Alright. Oh hey there's a Chris Brown concert and I wanted to know if you wanted to come.  

Y: Oh I'll totally come just text me the deets. 

C: Ok aye I heard my boy Ray said that you knew how to dance at this ghetto place. 

Y: Yeah its called the hood. 

C: Me and my friends can come over. 

Y: Oh Ok. 

C: I'm about to eat some chicken with my family I'll call you later. 

Y: Aight. *Hangs up*

End of convo

Raven: Someone is cheery. 

You: Well you know when you talk to a boy you just can't stop smiling. 

Aniya: Were all going to the hood and *Stands up and starts dancing* We're going to beat the baddies. 

Shadiya: You know it. 

You: Look at exactly 3:00 come over at the hood at the same time. 

Aniya: But what are we going to wear? 

You: Raven? 

Raven: I got the perfect out. *Goes quickly in her closet and gets out one of the clothes* BAM! 

Shay: These are tight yo. 

You: My style too. *Looks at it* 

Raven: I got each one that means us so you know how we 


You: *Yawn* I'm going to sleep. 

Aniya: Nighty night.  

Shay: Lets watch You got served. 

Raven: We always watch that. 

Shay: Its the only way to get new dance moves.


You end falling asleep in your dream

You: Where am I? 

Jacob: You won the dance competition. 

You: That's great. 

Jacob: But you won't end up seeing me. 

You: Why not? 

Victoria: Cause he has me. 

You: Jacob we just met and now your going out with this girl. You even kissed me!!! 

Victoria: Well he changed. 

You: Was I even talking to you. 

Chres: Aye Y/N Congrats 

You: Thanks. 

Chres: For helping me find a girl. 

You: What I thought I was your girl. 

Chres: Well you didn't choose right away and Mia can shoot better then you. 

Mia: Thats right. 

You: UGH!!! 

Ray: Hey. 

You: Please tell me you have something good to say. 

Ray: Y/N I needed a new girl like you have been a 4 timer since forever. 

You: Excuse me I just met all four of you.  

Craig: The concert was great. But I already found a girl. 


Nicki: Baby you just need to think straight about this.  

???: Your Mom is right. 

You: I was thinking straight about this I just needed more time. 

???: Well time is Ticking.

Then they all pulled out a knife and came closer to you.


Raven: Girl go back to sleep its only 7 something. *Moaning* 

You: *Huffing*  

Aniya: No girls get up. 

Shay: What happen? 

You: I don't know *breath* I just *breath* after the dance *breath* the boys *breath* my family *breath* me...... I'm scared. 

Raven: Look girl you need to relax you'll find your boy soon. 

Anyia: Lets go over to your house so we can practice and stuff. 

Shay: And eat. 

You: Ok. I'll get Tay Tay. 

Raven: Cory better read that note. *Laughing* 

You: We goin be walking in our pjs. 

Aniya: I don't currrr lets go. 

EVO: *Laughing*

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