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Looking For The One Tonight; Here Comes Forever (An R5 Fan Fiction)


Chapter 8: The Big Surprise Question

Mackenzie's P.O.V.

After about 2 hours of shopping with my boyfriend, my best friend & her boyfriend, we all go out for dinner at a place called, "Alfreddy's". Riker told me that him & Ross have a surprise for Jalene & I but I don't know what else they could have planned for us. I guess we'll see when it happens. Since the restaurant is really busy, Jalene & I stay outside while our boyfriends, I love saying that, go inside and get a number but they have to wait in a line. So Jalene & I talk about what they're gonna "surprise" us with or what.

Jalene: So what do you think they're gonna tell or ask us?

Me: Honestly, I don't know.

Jalene: I hope it's not anything bad. You know?

Me: Yeah, I hope not. I don't know what I would do with you if you didn't have Ross because you would be a mess.

Jalene: Haha, yeah. You would be too. We would be crying nonstop. But that's the worst case scenario. So lets hope it's something awesome.

Me: Yeah, let's hope.

Riker & Ross finally come back out and Ross sits next to Jalene and Riker sits next me. Ross lays his arm on Jalene's leg with his hand out, she puts her hand in his and intertwines their fingers. Riker grabs my hand and intertwines our fingers also.

Jalene: So what number are we?

Ross: 171.

Jalene: What was the last number they called?

Ross: 165.

Jalene: Okay, cool. We won't have to wait long.

Ross: Yup, so my baby won't have to starve to death again.

Jalene: Haha, yeah.

After about 10 minutes later, our number is called so we walk in and go to our table. Our table is in the back of the restaurant and closed off so we go and sit down. Ross & Jalene sit on one side and Riker & I sit on the other side.

Jalene's P.O.V.

So after waiting 10 minutes for our table, we walk in the restaurant to our table which is all the way in the back and closed off since Ross & Riker are kinda celebrities. We sit in the booth, Ross & I sit on one side and Riker & Mackenzie sit on the other. Ross lets me go in first so I'll be on the inside. After we all are seated, the waiter comes and asks,

The Waiter: Mr. Lynch, Mr. Lynch, Mrs. Lynch, & Mrs. Lynch. How may I help you today?

Ross: Can we just get some breadsticks or whatever you have for appetizers? Please, just call us Ross, Jalene, Riker & Mackenzie.

The Waiter: Okay, Ross. I'll bring them to you.

Ross: Thanks.

The waiter walks away and I turn to Ross and Mackenzie turns to Riker and we both say (at the same time),

Me & Mackenzie: Mrs. Lynch?!

Ross (To Me): Yeah... We had to write our names so Riker and I just put Lynch as your last names.

Me (To Ross): Oh, okay...

Ross (To Me): Are you mad?

Me (To Ross): No. Why would I be?

Ross (To Me): I don't know.

Riker (To Mackenzie): Yeah... We had to write our names so Ross & I just Lynch as your last names.

Mackenzie (To Riker): Oh, okay!

Riker (To Mackenzie): Are you mad at me?

Mackenzie (To Riker): No, of course not.

Riker (To Mackenzie): Okay, cool.

After all that mess of names, the waiter comes back with some rolls for us to eat before we order out food. Ross pulls out his phone and starts texting Riker saying,

Ross: When are we gonna ask them? Before or after dinner?

Riker: Umm, I don't know. Which would be better?

Ross: Hmm, maybe before so they'll be so happy and stuff.

Riker: Okay, so...

Ross: Well, lets get it over with.

Ross puts his phone in his pocket and puts his arm on my shoulder.

Ross' P.O.V.

This is the time. Riker & I are gonna ask Jalene & Mackenzie to go on the rest of tour with and go to California in June. Then, in July go to Paris & London. In August, go to Australia. I just hope they say yes and their parent say yes. I go first in the asking Jalene situation. Here goes...

Me: So, Jalene. You know R5 has to go on the rest of tour, right?

Jalene: Yeah and...?

Me: Yeah and what I wanted to ask you was, if you wanted to go on the rest of tour with R5. My mom and dad already said its okay. By the way, we'll be going to Paris, London, California & Australia. So do you want to go on the rest of tour with me?

Jalene: Oh my gosh, Ross. Are you serious?

Me: Yeah, kinda.

Jalene: Well... YES!

Me: Really?

Jalene nods her head and wraps her arms around my neck and I wrap my arms around her waist and we kiss.

Jalene: But what about school?

Me: I already took care of that. They gave me all of your work.

Jalene: You're the best boyfriend ever. I love you so much.

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