In the Life Afterword: A Supernatural The Long Night Sequel

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 ~QUICK AUTHORS NOTE! If you love the show Supernatural and you have happened to stumble upon my sequel that's wonderful, but I would seriously recommend reading the first before reading this, otherwise you're going to be nine types of confused.~ Thanks

Supernatural is owned by Erik Kripke, I simply wrote this book for entertainment purposes but Hope is a character that I created. 

We live in a world where science and the supernatural collide. My world is mostly supernatural, though many in this world turn a blind eye towards it while others think it’s supernatural every time something goes bump in the night. Here I was in between two opposite theories…I believed in the supernatural but knew that science could explain many things.

Perhaps it was because of Balthazar, the bachelor angel who had snatched me last summer, or because the moment he had touched me he had unlocked the domant side of me, this side of me was vulnerable to silver to moment it broke the skin. This side had a daemon, a wolf which is attached to my soul.

I was an Interloper then and I still am now, the only difference now…I could never go back. Back there where the Winchesters hunted monsters and demons and where I had befriended them. Why couldn’t I return? Because I back there I was dead, and I was on bad speaking terms with God. If I returned Balthazar promised my heart would stop dead.

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Issue #1: Prologue...a Supernatural TLN Sequel


Emma Watsonas Hope
Jared Padaleckias Sam
Jenson Acklesas Dean
Bridgit Mendler as Breanna
John Galeckias Steve
Vik Sahay as Paul
Alex Meraz as Keith
LL Cool Jas Carter
Sebastian Rochéas Balthazar

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