Chapter 1

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This is my first story I have written on Wattpad. I hope that you enjoy this story and thank you for reading it.

Chapter 1

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock blaring. I quickly shut it off before jumping out of bed. I took a quick shower before putting on a pair of dark skinny jeans and a pink T-shirt. 

You are most likely wondering who I am so let me explain. My name is Michelle Lake and I am the next alpha of the moonstone pack. I am turning 17 in a week which is the day I will be taking over the alpha position from my parents. As for what I look like I am 5'6" with blonde hair and blue eyes. My hair goes down a little past my shoulders and has light blue streaks in it.

I just graduated from high school so I can take over my job as alpha. In my pack the alpha is always the first born so it doesn't matter what gender they happen to be. The only problem with me becoming alpha is I don't have a mate yet. Technically I don't need a mate to become alpha but it helps to have your other half leading with you.

I went down to the kitchen to find my soon to be beta, Graham and his mate Grace sitting there waiting for me. I could tell something was wrong by the looks they were giving me. Grace looked worried and scared while Graham looked completely pissed off. while I wasn't technically alpha yet most of the younger members of the pack treated me like I was. Graham looked at me giving me a small smile before returning to his angry expression. Then he told me the news no one wants to hear "Alpha we have a problem"

I hope you like the first chapter. Feel free to tell me your thoughts on it. Sorry it is so short I wanted the first chapter to introduce you to the story before I start working on the plot. Thank you for reading it means a lot!