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We Are The Fallen Angels. [Black Veil Brides fanfic(;]



I wake up to a soft stroking of my hair. My eyes flicker open and I'm lying on my side next to a guy, my head in the crook of his neck, my left hand on his hip, my right curled into a light fist, lying next to my head. Our legs are entwined; it's difficult to decipher which body's which. We're both completely naked, the duvet covering both of us perfectly. I raise my head and sit up, my stomach flipping as I see the amazing man that I'm lying upon, after blatently having sex with last night.

Ashley Purdy also sits up and smirks at me, his eyes glittering in the morning light, his black hair messy and sexy.


"Am I dreaming?" I whisper, immediately regretting it.

He places a kiss on my lips, a tender but passionate one. "Does that confirm whether you're dreaming or not?" He smiles.

I place my hand on his chest, pushing him down and straddling his stomach. "Nope. Kiss me again." I order, a sly smile on my lips.

He balances on his elbows and meets my lips halfway. The kiss lasts a while, but is broken off by my phone, which vibrates on the bedside table. I groan and roll off him, picking it up and answering it.



"You had sex with Ashley! You had sex with Ashley! You had sex with Ashley!" Nat squeals down the phone.

"Thanks for telling the whole hotel, Nat." I mutter.

"Mature." Andy laughs in the background.

"What? I could hear them!" Nat says like a three-year-old.

"You're lying." I can already feel my cheeks burning.

"Yeah, I am. We're not even next door, stupid."

"Bitch. Well how did you know?"

"She's not denying it. SHE'S NOT DENYING IT! AAAAHHHH!" I can just picture Nat running around the room like a weirdo, whilst Andy questions his (and her) sanity.

"Nat, shut the fuck up!"

She gasps. "Noooooooooooo." I hear the creaking of a bed as someone moves. "I'm sitting comfortably -"

"On my lap." Andy says.

"- on Andy's lap. What was it like? Spill! Was there anything to do with your nickname involved?"

I laugh. "I'm saying nothing. And get off Andy's lap. You're making him hard."

"I am as well!" She giggles. "How did you know?"

"I'm a psychic. Now go bug Emi or something."

Nat sighs. "You're no fun. See you later! Byeeeeeeee!"

I hang up and throw my phone back on the bedside table, snuggling up to Ash again, who's lying down waiting for me.

"I think I may lie here all day." I mumble sleepily, running my tongue up his neck.

"You do that. What did Nat want?" He says, trying to stifle a moan.

"She wanted to know what went on last night."

I place my palm on his chest, getting ever closer, closing my eyes and soon falling asleep.


Ashley and I wake up some time later, to my phone buzzing again.

"'Lo? Sleepy residence of sleeping, how may I help you sleep?" I grumble.

"Charr, Steve rang." Emi says.

I sit up abruptly. "No offence Emi but I'm gonna hang up on you."

Emi laughs. "Okay! And don't forget the parentals!"

"I won't!" I hang up and dial Steve's number.


"Hello?" He mumbles.

"Steeeeeeevee!" I all but scream.

"Charr! Oh my goodness I miss you straight buddy!"

"And I miss you too gay buddy! How's Tim?"

"One sec. TIMOTHAAAY!" He calls in a shrill voice.

"Steven." Tim replies boredly. "What do I want with a purple Blackberry?"

"Take the damn phone, woman!"


"Tim! You're such a douche." I scold, laughing.

"Oh hey Charr! How you doing?" He replies, his mood suddenly brighter.

"Mm. Great." I wink at Ashley, who's gazing at me. Bless. "You?"

"Man, I wish I was at Download."

"Hey, I have some news. Round up Steve and stick it on loudspeaker."

There was a beep. "Done."

"Okay, Steve? Y'know how much we love Black Veil Brides...?"

"Yeah!" Steve squeals.

"And me!" Tim says.

"Well you know how you and Nat would argue over Andy Biersack?"

"Yeah...?" comes Steve's suspicious voice. 

"Nat is kind him."

"WHAT?!" Steve and Tim exclaims.

"That is amazing!" Tim says.

"He should be with me. I'm hotter." Steve giggles.

"I'll tell Nat you said that." I laugh.

"Go ahead. Anyway, what about you and Emi? Have you found some sexy rocker dude to take you round the back of a burger van and fuck you relentlessly?"

"Steve!" I can't help but chuckle. He's amazing.

"Well, yeah, kind of."

"Who are they?" Tim enquires.

"Um, Emi's dating Jake Pitts..."


"And I'm with the amazingly sexy Ashley Purdy."

"No. Way." Steve says. "Babe, you've been crushing on him for ages!"

"I know right! And also -"

"No. Way. You had sex?!"


"Woo! Go Charr! You can finally lose those V plates." Tim laughs.

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