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One Direction Preferences and Imagines


BSM: He likes your twin better

(Y/T/N): Your twins name

Any age.



"Why are you so rude?" You yelled at your twin who was constantly insulting you and you were sick of it.

"Why are you so fat?" She replied smirking evilly. Your cheeks burned in anger and you were quick to punch her in the jaw.

"(Y/N! What the fuck is wrong with you?!" Harry yelled entering the living room and looking between you and your sister who was holding her jaw and crying.

"God you're such a bitch. No wonder no one likes you. Especially me." He lifted up your sister giving you one last glare before sauntering out.

Your heart fell, and you sunk to your knees. Tears falling out of your eyes.


"Harry birthday (Y/T/N)!" Liam yelled when you and your sister entered the kitchen.

'What? What about me?' You thought to yourself.

It was you and your sisters birthday and the boys were over.

"Thanks Li!" She squeaked causing you to flinch. She always had a high pitched annoying voice.

"Here." He handed her a present with a smile. She opened it and squealed. It was a gorgeous red dress with a pair of silver heels.

"I'm bringing you to the This Is Us premiere!" He smiled widely and hugged her which she quickly returned.

The other boys glanced at you confused. But it was true, your sister always told you this.

Liam didn't love you anymore.

You silently and quickly left the kitchen, slipped on your shoes and left the house.


"Hey (Y/T/N) wanna go out for dinner?" Niall asked looking at you in disgust before at your 'perfect' twin.

She smirked at you before nodding at your brother.

He just got home from the world tour and you just wanted to spend some time with him.

"I could go to Niall..." You said looking at him shyly.

"Sorry (Y/N). I just want to be with (Y/T/N)" he spat out.

You simply nodded your head as years gathered in your tear ducts. You turned and walked upstairs trying to get rid of the heart wrenching feeling that Niall doesn't love you.


"(Y/N) why do even try? No one likes you. You should just kill yourself." (Y/T/N) spat at you while at school. Her followers laughed.

You just ignored her and collected your books before walking home.

When you got home you saw (Y/T/N) and Louis sitting on the couch. She was crying and he was comforting her.

"What is wrong with you (Y/N)?" He growled letting go of her.

"What do you mean?" You asked confused. He pushed you back by your chest.

"Why would you tell her to kill herself?" He snapped. You glared at your sister who smirked, then continued crying.

"I never sa-" he cut you off as his palm came in contact with your cheek.

Tears of pain and sadness grew in your eyes. Your brother, your only brother just slapped you.

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