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Pelliccia (Book1) (2011 Sci-fi Watty Awards Winner)

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I want to Thank everyone for voting on Pelliccia! Thanks to you all Pelliccia has won the 2011 Science Fiction Undiscovered Watty Award. Thank  you all for reading and voting!


Lab, Year 2001

It was a late night in the lab. The bright lights of the government facility beamed down on the white anti-static tiles. A centrifuge was spinning with a steady hum on the workbench in the corner.  Dr Bucur sat at the desk opposite. He was in deep concentration as he examined the blood samples of some twenty subjects in order to compare and contrast the effects of the various treatments.

“How’s the evolution going?”

“Gah jeez! Don’t sneak up on me like that.” Dr. Bucur said “I’m looking at the latest sample.”

“And how’s that looking? Find anything interesting?”

“Well I notice sample 8613 and 8893 both have a much more stable genetic growth.”

“Those are ones that have been infused with Animal DNA.”

“That’s right 8613 is Felis Domesticus DNA and 8893 is Oryctolagus cuniculus”

A house cat and a rabbit?!”

“Those are the only two I have noticed with the stable properties, but there could be more.  I’ve been up all night looking through all the samples with animal DNA supplements 260 so far. There’s another 400 or so if you want to pull up a chair”

“Let me take a look at that.” The unusually tall man bent down to look at the monitor.  He studied the cells on the screen for a good 5 minutes before he straightened up and glared at Dr. Bucur. “You are pulling my leg. Those are regular DNA samples. They haven’t been treated yet.”

“I assure you, they have been treated.”

“Ok, let’s say I believe you, and they have been treated. Is the treatment working?”

“Better than you can imagine.”

“Try me.”

“I’ve already tested them with 7 different cancers, 9 different diseases including AIDS and small pox. All with the same result it will weaken the human cells for a short period of time, but they come back with a full recovery within minutes.”

 “Did you time lapse them?”

“Of course see for yourself.”

Again the unusually tall man leaned over to view the screen as Dr. Bucur played each of the segments. After the first two he stopped pulled up a stool and watched with great interest as he studied each of the reactions. Just as Dr. Bucur said they would weaken for a short period and then regain with a full recovery. On some of the diseases he could barely even tell that there was a reaction at all. After being satisfied he stood up and paced the room with a surprised dumbfounded look on his face. All the while Dr. Bucur was smiling with a grin from ear to ear.

“That’s not all. It also shows signs of rapid trauma recovery.”

“Define rapid.”

“Over 10 times faster than normal cells.”

“This is amazing!” The tall man said.  “We have to inform the board of directors. They are going to want to know.”

“No! We can’t tell them.”

“What do you mean this proves your theory, they will provide more funding.”

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