Dear Darlin' (Josh Chomik/Sobocinski)


***Therese's POV***

I packed up the last of my belongings before looking out my window. The taxi was outside the house along with about 27 of our neighbours including my best friend, Niall Horan. He was 14 and I'm 16. I was leaving my nice quiet home town of Mullingar to move to New Jersey in the USA.  "Therese time to go!" my mum shouted from up the stairs. I grabbed all the bags and slowly trailed downstairs saying goodbye through my mind to the walls. The bags bumped down every step. I smiled at the sound. I dropped my bags at the front door and went outside. I walked out to Niall. "I'm really gonna miss you Therese." I gave him a soft smile and hugged him. "Are you ever going to talk?" I shook my head and continued to hug him. My mum and dad came out the house with suit cases and boxes. They put them in the boot of the taxi. "Come on Therese, Now." I pull away from Niall and slip into the taxi. I press my face against the window and wave. He waves back. A small tear rolls out of my eye. Even though the boy hasn’t even heard me speak, he was the best friend I could ever had

On the aeroplane it was an exciting Journey. Everyone on the plane was sleeping. They had dimmed the lights and of what I could see, I and a guy five rows back from me who was reading were the only ones awake. I stood up and got out of my seat. I walked over to the man and looked at him. He looked up from his book and whispered "Can I help you?" I stared at him for a few seconds with my acid green eyes and then walked back to my seat. I looked back around to see the man looking at me confused. I turned back and looked at my fingers. I started playing with my hair long black hair. I looked over at my mum and dad. My dad's hand was on my mum's knee and vies versa. I shrugged and put in my ear phones. I never slept once that entire journey.

When we finally arrived in New Jersey it was 12am Irish time which was about 7pm in NJ. It was still the day before. My mum and dad had jet lag but I was alright. After collecting our bags we went to go find a person with a sign saying 'The O’Donnell Family'. We found the person and they gave us keys to our new car and led us to where all of our personal belongings were. They said that there was a 'moving truck' outside for us to put our stuff in. I don't think I will ever get used to the American accent. 

We were now driving to our new house. My dad was driving and my mum was talking to me. "Now Therese, I know you have never talked but come on. This is America! You have to talk. It’s a fresh start for all of us. Just at least try to make friends by talking." I look at her emotionless. She sighs and goes back to reading her book. We pull into our new street and then into our drive way. Two people on long boards skate behind our new car. They were both boys. One had blonde hair the other had brown. They seemed about my age, maybe younger. "Dang American's with their long boarding," my dad says. I slap his arm. "What?" he turns round to face me. I widen my eyes and looked at him. I got out the car and watched as the two guys pulled into one of the houses a couple of doors down from ours. The one with brown hair looked over at me and waved. Then the one with the blonde hair did the same. I waved back at them and then went into the new house.

It was a really nice house. I looked around and went upstairs to go claim one of the bedrooms as mine. I picked the biggest room with a single bed in it. The house was a 4 bedroom house. It had a living room, a games room a kitchen and 4 bedrooms. My parents had taken in all our belongings and were exploring the house. The doorbell rang so I ran downstairs and opened it. "Hi I'm Joshua Chomik and this is my friend Joshua Sobocinski. I'm guessing you are new to the neighbourhood?" I nod softly. "You can call me Josh and you can call him Josh. Or Sobo. I mean that will probably make it less confusing." I could see he was panicking. "Hi I'm Josh." Sobo said. Yeah he was nervous too. "Therese! Who's at the door?" I stand by the door and look behind me. "Aren't you going to answer her?" I shake my head, "Why not?"  I shrug "Sobo, help me out here." 


"You're so damn pretty." I widen my eyes at him. Josh pushes him away. "Urm, sorry about that, we better be going. See you around, Therese is it?" I nod. I close the door and lean against it. I sigh romantically and walk back upstairs into my new bedroom.


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