My Urban Love Story


The name? Chanel Dixon. The age? 

17 years young.

I grew up in a very miniature town 

on the outskirts of New York City. I 

lived with my mother and three 

younger brothers (My father didn't 

live with us). I was blissfully happy 

in my small town life, but as I've 

being told, nothing good lasts 


Today is a new day, filled with 

changes. I'm not sure yet, whether 

it's a good change or a bad change, 

I guess I'll find that out. You see, 

I'm moving down to the city with 

my father. I don't really have my 

heart set on leaving everything I 

know behind, but my Mom says I 

need something new in my life, 

and Mother knows best after all, so 

I don't really have much of a 

choice but to go.

As soon as the clock hit noon, the 

thing I had being dreading for the 

past few weeks happened. The 

doorbell rang, announcing my 

father. The only good thing about 

this move as far as I could see was 

that in a few weeks I would be 

starting Med school in one of the 

most prestige Colleges in the whole 

country, New York University.

I hurried downstairs to let my Dad 

in. He greeted me with a tight hug 

and a hello that let me know he 

missed me very much. My bags 

where already packed, and my 

Mom didn't really want to see my 

Dad so there was nothing for us to 

stay for. My Dad carried my bags 

out to the car. I and my Dad don't 

really have the best relationship in 

the world, but he was my Father 

and I loved him regardless. On the 

other hand, My Mom and I had the 

closest relationship, we've always 

being close and we will always be 

close. This was why this move was 

breaking my heart, but I have to be 

positive, who knows what the 

future holds right?

Six hours after my see you later -NOT goodbye- to the people I loved 

the most, I finally arrived at my 

Dad's luxurious Manhattan 

apartment. My Dad, being who he 

his, already had my room painted 

and renovated exactly how I 

wanted it. That didn't however, 

excuse the fact that it was 

obviously strictly a bachelor pad 

and that I was to be living for a 

while with someone who I had a 

very distant but awkward 

relationship with.

I silently trudged up the stairs to be 

alone, so I could sort out my 

thoughts and unpack. I didn't 

bother awing at the room, my Dad 

needed to realise he couldn't buy 

my love, I loved him anyways. 

Plus, I wouldn't be staying long. 

After unpacking and avoiding the 

fact that I wouldn't see my Mum 

and Brothers for a few months, I 

ran a warm bubble bath. I didn't 

really want to speak to my Dad or 

even watch TV, so I just went to 

bed early, wondering what was to 

come in these next few days. 

Despite my earlier hesitation, I had 

to admit I was excited for the 

tomorrows to come.

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