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Badass Paisley


This is my first finished story so sorry if its crap:L also if you read it can you leave a comment? just so i can know how to improve on my next story




Chapter 1)

I fumbled with the lock, twisting this way and that way. In the end I gave up and smashed my fist into my locker. ‘Stupid mother f-” I heard someone cough beside me. I looked and saw a boy. No, not a boy, a hot guy. He was tall and well built and had long black hair. He looked my age so I hoped he was in my classes. But then again hoping never got me anywhere. ‘You ever heard of patience?’ he smirked and made his way over to me. ‘Patience doesn’t exist in my vocabulary’ I said. I could see now that he had the greenest eyes ive ever seen. He might even be wearing contacts. He took the slip of paper with my locker code on it and twister the lock. After a couple of seconds the locker swung open. ‘I-I was just gonna do that’ I said. He smirked and nodded. ‘So im guessing your new here?’ he said, in a deep, rich voice. ‘It’s my first day. A new school, a new start, a new me’ I said, cheeseily. He frowned, ‘Really?’ I laughed, ‘Hell no, im still the same badass I was before!’ He laughed. He looked nice when he laughed, his eyes went soft. ‘So im guessing you got kicked out of your old school? What did you do eh?’ He said, raising an eyebrow. Now was the time to impress him. I flicked my jet black hair behind my shoulder. ‘Ah the usual, got into a load of fights with guys, broke a few laptops…slept with the head teacher. The last one im partially proud of’ I finished with a nod. ‘You are a badass. Your gonna love Duke then’ he said, gesturing behind me. I turned and saw a buff guy dip-dunking a student into the trash can. He was hella hot and hella bad, perfect. He winked at me. I bit my lip seductively a turned back around. ‘Wouldn’t you rather want me to love you?’ I said. He smiled, ‘Im gonna have to get back to you on that one’. Wow. Maybe this school isn’t so bad after all? ‘Im Paisley by the way’ I said, offering a hand for him to shake. He hesitated, uncertain. Was he scared of me? ‘Hey I don’t bite! Well, not unless you want me to’ I purred. He narrowed his eyes at me and stuck his hand out, ‘Embrey. Say, Paisleys an interesting name’. I smiled, ‘Interesting name for an interesting girl’. He laughed, ‘Well I gotta say Paisley, your better than the usual virgin-never-going-to-leave-daddys-side girls that go here’. Ah, so this was one of these schools were everyone did as they were told. Well, things were about to change. I smirked, ‘that’s because im a badass and a bitch. Legend has it that when I was born I told the nurse she was fat’. He laughed at that. ‘Well Paisley it was nice to meet you but I gotta go to class, do you know where you’re going?’ oh please, I don’t need a tour guide. ‘Nope, but im sure I’ll find it’ I said and started walking away. Always leave them wantin’ more, that’s what my mother taught me. ‘See you later’ he called. ‘Not if I see you first, Embrey’ I said, emphasizing his name. I turned and started walking down the hall. Duke, the other badass, came up to me. I carried on walking, even when he put his arm around my shoulders. ‘Well hey there girlie’ he said. A lot of the girls were eyeing me up enviously. Obviously he was top of the social heap. ‘Please don’t tell me you just called me girlie’ I said, mocking him. ‘Oh sorry, do you prefer something naughtier?’ He winked. Ha. He thought I was easy? ‘Do you even know my name screw-boy?’ I said. ‘Well not yet, but im sure I’ll know it on Friday. When we go to dinner’ he said. I scoffed, ‘Im not going to dinner with you’. We were still walking down the long hall, his big arm still around my shoulders. I could see Embrey walk past and gave Duke the I-wanna-fucking-kill-you-right-now-look. Weird. ‘Maybe you don’t wanna go to dinner with me, but im sure you’ve thought about me naked?’ he said, waggiling his eyebrows. I gasped, ‘Am I that transparent? I want you, I need you! Oh baby, oh baby…’ I said sarcastically. I looked around, I really couldn’t be bothered with school today, and maybe time with Duke might ease my tension. Duke laughed, ‘Fine, but im not giving up. You want me to show you around? Maybe take a trip to the boy’s locker room eh eh?’ I rolled my eyes, seriously? For someone who’s hot-to-trot, he really wasn’t good at sexy talk. I on the other hand, I was very good at it. I stopped walking a pushed him up against a locker. I pressed my body into his. ‘Or we could go into a janitors closet and have some…bonding time’ I purred into his ears. His eyes widened. I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the closet and shut the door. Yes, things were going to change around here.

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