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The Girl Who Wears A Cup


"How about...Lynn?" I suggested, pulling up my wax sheet from my leg. I cringed. "They said it's pain free!"


Will laughed, shaking his head as he laid on my bed. Terry walked in with a Hershey's bar, sitting on the computer chair. 


She took a bite, "Nah, she's too geeky."


I gave her a flat look. "She just wears glasses." I used up my last wax sheet and then threw them out into a plastic bag, hanging from the door knob.


"Guys, you're not helping." Will pointed out.


Terry shrugged her shoulders, just chewing on her chocolate. "Well then don't ask us."


I put on some short shorts and let my sore legs cool off by laying on the floor. "Just ask out Terry."


Terry stopped biting into her chocolate bar half-way as Will sat up fast. "What?" they both chimed.


I shrugged my shoulders, turning to them both. "Just go with each other."


"Oh," they both said at the same time as I laughed.


"Guys!" my Uncle called from down the stairs. "Dinner's ready!"


We all got up, making our way downstairs. I heard Will murmur behind me, "I wonder what your big news is Kyle."


Yes, I had some news to tell my family and friends. As we all took our seats and grabbed whatever food we would want, filling our plates, I chewed silently, nervously. Sam came home by now, throwing his keys on the couch and slammed into the seat, quickly grabbing his food. Sam's my cousin. 


Uncle James saw what his reaction was as he was eating. "What's wrong Sam?"


He shook his head, laughing unhysterically. "I'm just so tired of all the bullshit Karen puts me through."


"Brake up with her," I said with my mouth full.


Will and Terry nodded, agreeing and my uncle shot me a look.


"I will," Sam nodded towards me. "I'm done with it."


I took my glass of water and he took his, slamming it into each other, I commented, "Amen brudda!"


He laughed. "Ya always know how to make me feel better."


I shrugged. "I'm the best cousin. What can I say."


Uncle James laughed and Terry snorted at my comment. I stuck my tongue at her and she returned it. The silence fell on us again but not for too long. Will spoke, "So, what's the big news that you wanted us all to hear?"


I swallowed my food, hard and took a wip of water. "Well..." all eyes were on me, "I got accepted to this school in upstate New York."


My uncle smiled at me, Sam fist bumped me and Will and Terry smiled too. Then my unlce asked, "So which school? You planning on going there this summer?"


I  just looked at their faces which were staring at me. "It's Jefferson Academy."


Sam dropped his fork, Uncle James stared at me with his mouth open and Terry and Will stared at me as well, pausing. I took another sip of my water. 


"Kyle," my uncle said, "that's an all boys school."


I nodded. "I am aware."


Sam pointed out, "And you're a girl."


"They don't accept girls," Will also agreed. Terry just nodded.


"I know." I sighed. "Alright, call me crazy but I want to join their football team."


"Oh my god." Sam rolled his eyes.


Uncle just shook his head. "Kyle, I don't think we understand."


"Uncle James, I'm good at football right?" they all nodded. "So, the only place that I can go do football is Jefferson Academy. Their football popularity is bigger than the NBA."


"That's basketball."


I shot Will a glare. "So, since I got in because of my good grades, then I'll turn myself into a guy and work my ass of getting into the team."


Uncle James put his fork down and looked at me. "Turn yourself into a guy? And how would you do that?"


"I'll cut my hair, tie up my boobs and wear guy clothes."


Sam shook his head. "You'll never get away with it."


"If I get accepted into the football team then I'll stay there throughout senior year. If I don't then I come straight home." I reasoned.

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