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Merome! {{completed}}


"Bigums, where you at?" I called out in the middle of a survival game.

"Right behind you, bigums!" Jerome said. I turned and saw his Bacca skin bouncing towards me.

"Ooh, you got dat lingerie!" I exclaimed.

"And some chicken budder nugget boob-plate for you," he said throwing a gold chest plate onto the floor in front of my character.

"Nice!" I pressed E and shift-clicked the armour on. I decided to fix my inventory and saw my Bacca walk towards a chest about 30 blocks away. I then heard the signature bone breaking noise MineCraft makes when you're being hit.

"Oh no! NO NO NO NO-"

***BajanCandian was slain by BigRichie97***


"No! Benja, you lost to big dick!" Jerome laughed.

"Shut up! I was fixing my inventory!" I furiously started clicking the rotten flesh to respawn as a bacon. "C'mon, c'mon!" I mumbled. Success! "I'm on my way!" I ran towards the mountain where BigRichie killed me.

"Oh no! Bigums, he's chopping me!" Jerome said running towards me and away from BigRichie.

"On the way! Aaaaand..." I ran through Jerome's body and attacked BigRichie. "CHOPCHOPCHOPCHOPCHOPCHOP!!!"

***BigRichie97 was slain by Muttation BajanCanadian***

"Yeah! I'll take that!"

"Niiiice. Alright, lets head back to spawn. Chests are gonna refill in a minute." Jerome was already heading towards spawn.

"On the way!" I quickly picked up all of BigRichie's loots and sprinted to spawn.

The sound of the chests being restocked ringed in my ears.

"If there's a diamond at spawn, I can make-" I was cut off.

"Betty?!" Jerome asked. I could hear the smile in his voice over the Skype call.

"I can make TWO Betty's!" I said cheerful.

"Bigums, how do you have 5 diamonds?!" Jerome asked, still searching chests.

"Richie had some, this other guy I killed on the way had some and I found another one just now." I was happy with my find.

"BIGUMS!" I heard Jerome call out. He moved away from the chests out into the open and threw a diamond on the floor.

"It is time. To make. Betty." I said dramatically.

"Get yo eagle on!" Jerome started singing.

"Get yo eagle on!" I sang along.

I crafted two Betty's and threw one down for Jerome.

"Oh buddy! Instagram that joint!" I pressed F5 and started swinging my axe into the air with Jerome. I heard a camera shutter on Jerome's end and laughed.

"You finally got an Instagram?" I asked, pressing F5 again until I was in first person view.

"Yup, go follow me! @JeromeVSGaming!" He was advertising to the viewers.

"And don't follow any BajanCanadian Instagram's because they're all fake. I don't have an Instagram. Yet," I said teasingly.

"Oh, death match in 30 seconds!" Jerome said. I read the chat and started jumping around excited.

"We gonna win the Hunger Games!" I laughed.

"B-but I thought we were gonna win Cops and Robbers..." Jerome said.

"Oh yeah, we're gonna win Cops and Robbers!" I said as death match started. I went after the person next to me.

"Oh! Oh! EndieGirl314, you're going to die!" I started hitting her and she pulled out a diamond sword. Three hits and I was dead. "Noooo!" I threw my head back and covered my face with my hands.

"B...Bigums, what happened?"

"Watch out, EndieGirl314 has a diamond sword." I spectated. "Watch out, she's coming around!" She circled behind Jerome who was busy fighting another chick named TwixMix408, who also had a diamond sword.

Jerome started running away from the two yelling "HALF A HEART! HALF A HEART! MITCH, I'M NOT REGEN-ING!"

"Well, you're screwed. They're a team," I watched as they stood next to each other and exchanged budder apples, TNT, and arrows. I tried hitting them even though I knew spectators couldn't do any damage.

Jerome shifted on the opposite side of spawn and waited for the two girls to do something.

"Dude, you're screwed. Do something!" I yelled

"Okay..uh...uh... FOR NARNIA!!!!!!" He charged towards them and didn't even get a hit on either of the girls before they killed him.

***ASFJerome was slain by Endiegirl314***

"Ah well..." Jerome moved away from his mic.

"Well doods, this was the Hunger Games. I hope you enjoyed."

***RiverSaturn225 was slain by Endiegirl314***

"Don't forget to go check out Jerome's channel and slap that like button with yo forehead." I said the outro. Jerome slurped and I stopped the recording.

I logged off MineCraft and ended the Skype call.

I walked into the kitchen and heard Jerome walk in.

"When are we going to tell the viewers we're.........y'know..." Jerome leaned against the counter.

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