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Famous & Pregnant *OMG Girlz & Mindless Behavior Love Story*


Bahja POV

"Princeton!" I moaned as he went faster and faster inside of me.

(Skipping..... To the next morning)

~12:00 pm On a Wednesday afternoon in Atlanta.~

I woke up completely naked in Princeton's bed, and he was next to me. I had stayed over here because the boys we're in ATL for a concert.

"Morning Baby" Princeton said as he kissed me. I smiled and said Good Morning back to him.

"Oh shit.." I said checking my phone. "Baby I gotta go i'm late for rehearsal, Zonnique is going to kill me." I said as I threw my clothes back on and ran out the hotel where MB was staying. I hoped in my car and went straight to rehearsal, I had so many missed calls and angry texts from Zonnique and Bre.

"I'm so sorry guys, I over slept" I said as I ran into the studio getting in my place.

"Where you been at girl? We've been here since 7 this morning. Bee it's 12:30" Zonnique said angrily.

"Look I said I was sorry let's just get on with it" I said cutting Zonnique off.

I jumped right into my part of Lover Boy. I felt Zonnique and Bre exchange looks with each other and then Zonnique rolled her eyes as be as I sang my part and did the dance moves.

After we finished the song Zonnique demanded a break, so she could rant at me.

"Alright Bee what is going on? This isn't like you what happened this morning?" Zonnique questioned.

"Alright Nique. I'm sorry I was with Prince and we over slept." I explained.

"Yeah alright well don't let it happen again" Zonnique said.

"Nique you needa chill cuz girl it was just last week you was late because you was wit Ray. Don't be a hipocrit." Bre butted in.

"Whatever."Nique said as she walked back to her seat. "Let's go girls! Now! Lover Boy from the top!" Zonnique ordered.

"No Zonnique. You know what if your gonna have a bitchy attitude because I was late for the first time you need to go home, and try waking up on the right side of the bed!" I snapped.

"Well maybe you should go home and wake up on YOUR bed & not Princeton's"Zonnique snapped back.

"Your a bitch! I'm outta here." I said as I stormed out of rehearsal.

*Bahja's House*

I walk into my house and at that same moment I get hit with questions.

Shamra:Bahja Shamoni Rodriguez. Where the hell was you?"

Bahja: Mom, I was at Zonnique's house. Sorry I fell asleep there.

Shamra:Little girl those are lies, every word that just came out your mouth is a lie. Bahja where were you lastnight?

Bahja: Mom. I was at Zonnique house and that's the truth

Shamra: Do I have to call Aunt Tiny?

Bahja: Aunt Tiny wasn't there lastnight. It was only Me, Nique, and Bre. Aunt Tiny and Uncle Tip went to LA.

Shamra: Oh that's right I forgot. Alright Bahja, I'm taking your word this time. But next time call.

I went upstairs to my bed room. I was just about to call Prince but my phone started ringing.

Phone Convo

Bahja: Hello

Nique: Hey Bee.

Bahja: Hello Zonnique..

Nique:Look Bee I'm sorry. It's just i'm nervous about our concert. It's important and I just felt like you didn't care. You cared more about Princeton.

Bahja:Well Nique. I do care about my career and OMG. But Princeton is my boyfriend. Just like how you like to blow us off to hang with Ray. I'm sorry too

Nique: My bad girl, next time we'll talk it out. But come over.

Bahja:Okay be there soon.

I grabbed my keys and went down stairs to head out the door but only to be stopped by my mother.

Shamra:"Where you going"

Bahja: I'm going to Nique's house

Shamra:Did you ask me?

Bahja:Mom i'm 16 years old. I have my own car and matter of fact my own career."

I rolled my eyes and walked out the door...

~Zonnique's house~

I walked in and went up to Nique's room where she and Bree were.

Bahja:Hey ladies.

Bre:Hey girl.


Just then I get a text from Princeton.

Text Convo

Prince:Hey Babe.. We go on in an hour.. You're coming right?

Shit I totally forgot. I promised Prince i'd go to his concert tonight since their flying back to LA right after it.

Bahja: Nique I know your gonna be mad at me.. But I promise Prince i'd go to his concert.. It starts in an hour I gotta go..

Nique: Wow.. See this is what i'm talking bout Bee...

Bre:You know what go Bee that's ya mans.. Zonnique we gon have our selves a little chat.

Zonnique POV

These girls have no idea what's really bothing me..

Bre:You know what go Bee that's ya mans.. Zonnique we gon have our selves a little chat.

*Beauty Leaves*

Bre:Zonnique what is really going on? Cause all day you've been gettin mad at Bee for being a good girlfriend.

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