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Harry:I’ve had enough of your shit Harry!” you yelled, storming past him angrily. “And you think I just love spending time with you?!” He roared, all the anger built up inside him exploding “Yes, because you’re a pleasure to be around all the fucking time (Y/N), wait that’s not right at all, you’re a pain in the ass and if I knew this is how our relationship would be I would of never asked you to move in with me, in fact, I would of never asked you out period!” The words he just released sunk into your skin, making you realize how he really felt. Before you could stop yourself, tears poured down your face. You ran into your bedroom and slammed the door shut, crying your eyes out. He gave you time which he knew you needed, and walked in sitting next to you giving you his apology and telling you how much you mean to him

Louis: Lately you and Louis had been fighting a lot and at the moment you weren’t on speaking terms. You were used to going to sleep every night with a kiss from him and when you didn’t get one that night, your emotions took over and tears trickled down your face. You turned the other way, not wanting Louis to know you were crying, and fell asleep crying. The next morning you felt something on your cheek and turned over opening your eyes slowly. “Good morning beautiful” Louis smiled and brushed his fingers over your cheek, kissing you softly. “Good morning” you smiled, the sadness of last night being washed away with his affection right now.

Liam: Liam always kept his cool around you, especially because you were so temperamental and got mad over everything. He would always let you take your anger out by screaming and yelling, until you calmed down, he would walk over and hold you, and that’s usually how your fights went. But this time it was different. “I’ve had enough” Liam spat angrily grabbing his coat and keys “Where do you think you’re going?” You screeched walking in front of the door. “Get the fuck out of the way” he scoffed, pushing you to the side, and slamming the door shut on his way out. You stood in shock, for one he had never cursed at you or touched you like that, and two because he left. You seethed and walked over to your room, sitting in bed waiting for him to come back. A couple hours later, he still wasn’t home, and that’s when it hit you, what if he wasn’t going to come back? You started sobbing, and didn’t even hear the door open. “(Y/N)?” Liam gasped and ran over to you hugging you tightly, seeing you cry made him as upset. “You know I’ll never leave you don’t cry baby, I  love you” he whispered, calming you down just as he always had.

Niall: “I’m gonna miss you” you whispered into Niall’s collarbone, hugging him tightly. “I’m gonna miss you more babygirl” Niall sighed into your hair. You were trying really hard to hold back your tears, not wanting to cry because you knew that would only make him upset, and you wanted him to leave for tour happily. “Just a couple months, we’ll talk everyday and-” Nialls voice broke and you looked up to see him wiping his eyes. “Niall don’t cry, you’re gonna make me cry now” You choked, the tears welling up behind your eyes and trickling down slowly. You both held each other tightly, you crying into his chest and him crying into your hair, until he had to leave.

Zayn: You and Zayn fought a lot, and when you did, it would get extremely intense, you both had tempers and it was never pretty. It was a big fight this time and you were angry, upset and hurt, and the things Zayn were saying to you weren’t helping either. “Just stop being such a fucking bitch for once!” Zayn yelled and tears just poured down your face, all your emotions taking over. Zayn stood back in shock, because you didn’t cry often. He walked over to you and hugged you softly “I’m sorry..” he whispered, kissing the top of your head. “I love you” he kept repeating over and over “I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry”


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