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Jeff x Reader...? (Creepypasta Fanfic!)


You hear a sound. You open your eyes and everything is white. You look up to see a man with a mask on. You want to cringe away from him as he bends down, but you can't feel a single muscle in your body. Your as stiff a board. Everything is blurry, and has a blueish tint to it. The man gently picks you up and holds you in his arms. You want to hug him for giving you a spark of warmth, but you just can't. You close your eyes, and when you open them again, you are laying on a couch. Next to you sits the man in the mask. You try to smile at him, for saving your life. He takes off his Mask and kisses your cheek. He hugs you, and you feel his warm breath on your neck. You shift under your blankets, and realize your naked and you shudder. You try to speak and these words escape past your cracked lips "Thank you for saving me" The man nods and returns to looking at the fire beside you. You feel the warmth rush at your face and you feel better. The man puts his mask back on and stands up. He turns to leave and you grab his arm. He leans over you, and you look up at him. "Where is he?" You are almost in comprehensible, but you think he understands you. "Who?" He asks sharply. You lick your lips, and use up the last of your energy to tell him who. "Jeff." You hear the man chuckle as he stands back up. You look at him dazed and confused and he whispers as he walks away, "I am Jeff" Your eyes get huge and your jaw hangs open. Your hold body stiffens again, and you feel sick to your stomach. You try to move your head to see if he was gone, but you can't. You hear a loud slam and flinch. You take a deep breath and slowly, with much effort, sit up. You immediately want to snap your head behind you in the direction that the sound came from but the most you can do is look diagonal from you, not even a 90 degree angle. You slowly swing your feet over the side of the couch and again realize your naked. You look on the table to find your underwear, bra and tank top, you think. It's all you've ever worn, so your happy. You reach over and grope around the table until you feel your cold clothes. You sigh and put them under the warm wool blanket with you to heat them up. After about two minutes you decide to put them back on. They aren't warm, but they aren't freezing anymore. Your whole body is stiff, but you some how manage to stand up. You turn to your left to where the slam came from. All at once it seemed to happen, you hear two gunshots, a scream, you think you screamed then, a loud crash, another gunshot and you fall to the ground. You lay still, crying to yourself and unsure if you were shot, or collapsed on the ground because you were so terrified. You hear some one running towards you and you shut your eyes quickly, tears coming out as you do so. You think, if I didn't already die, I'm going to now. I want to now. You feel large arms gently, but rushing, pick you up. You cling to the man holding you, knowing for sure that it wasn't Jeff, his arms were not as big. You cry as the man starts running with you. You feel like your going to fall, but some how you know you aren't going to fall out of these strong arms. You open your eyes to see.... you don't know what you see. All you see is blood, coming from the mans shoulder. You cringe as it seeps into your clothes, staining them. Your scared and concerned at the same time. You look at his face, but it doesn't show any pain at all. Then you start to wonder, why was this man shot? Maybe because he was trying to protect me? But I don't even know this man, what in God's name would he want to save me from a killer for? The man is panting now, and you hear footsteps behind him. You don't look back, because you fear, that if you do look back and you see Jeff, you will freak out, and both you and the man holding you will die. You want to take just a glance, a quick peek, but the man int erupts. "Jay, make sure your ready!" The man screams so loud your ears are ringing. After that everything is a vague distant sound, like you have ear plugs in, but no music, just static. You hear another gunshot and the man beneath you staggers, you feel his knees buckle and he starts falling. You cry and scream as he lifts you up. You thrash around and kick, and then he throws you. It seems like forever, when really it all happens in a matter of nano seconds. You flail around as you shatter through a window. Your falling. Your crying and screaming, and realize, that this would be the perfect death. It would kill you instantly. You look down, you hear people screaming, but you cant see a single person. Yes, you'll die. No more rape, no more abuse, nothing. It's all over. You stop screaming, but you keep crying. But they're different tears, they are tears, of freedom, and happiness. You smile as the ground approaches you. You shut your eyes, and stay still, with your arms out,and your hair blowing in your face. You let go, and relax. The rising sun makes you feel at peace, and your heart rate slows down, to the average. It seems like your falling for 5 minutes, when in reality, your falling for less than two minutes. The screams get louder and louder, and you hear one distinct voice. A voice that you knew by heart, even if you haven't heard it in one and a half years. That's my baby! That's my (Your name)! Dear God that's my daughter! I thought I would never see her again, (Your name)! Can you hear me! Baby it's alright! Your gonna be okay! The sound makes you open your eyes again. Mom! You starts flailing again. I can't die in front of my mom! Please mom! Don't watch! You fall to the ground. Everything seems to slow down, you see all the faces watching you, and watch the screams, and see the tears. You feel something hard underneath you, and you jerk away from it, but it wraps around you. Someones arms. They fall to the ground as they catch you. And you hear a loud cracking sound. You feel blood surround your arms and start screaming, when you realize it isn't yours. You roll off of the person that catches you. Please don't be mom! You look and it's a person with a helmet on. Their arm was bleeding badly, but the person immediately stood up and grabbed you around the waist. They threw you over their shoulder and they started running. You look to your right, and see your mom. You reach out your arm and cry as she just misses your fingertips. You punch the persons back and kick their legs but they show no sign that it bothered them. You feel them lift you up and set you on something cold and hard. You hear an engine rev, and you cling onto the person as the bike jerks forward. You want to let go but you don't want to fall off and crack your head open. You close your eyes as they disappear out of sight from everyone. 

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