Chapter 1 {Edited}

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I met E.L James, author of 50 Shades of Grey. She was so lovely and welcoming. As far as I know, she is releasing another book, but there's no release date, yet.

Chapter 1 - London, Here I Come.

I sat alone and depressed on a spare seat on one of the airport benches while waiting for my flight to board, which by looking at my watch was at least another forty minutes. I picked up a magazine I had bought earlier at one of the airport stores and started to flick through it, looking at some of the recent celebrity gossip.

"Is this seat taken?" I looked up from the magazine and saw a young, red-headed girl, whose skin was really pale and by the bags underneath her eyes, she was tired as well. I smiled at her sincerely and moved my hand bag off the chair and placed it carefully on the floor right next to my foot where I knew it was safe.

"Of course not."

The girl did the same; placing her handbag down on the floor next to her foot, but not before pulling out a small bar of chocolate, quickly unwrapping it and shoving it into her mouth like no tomorrow.

Guess someone has a big appetite.

I continued to stare at her and I guess she noticed because she glanced at me and quickly swallowed.

"Sorry about that. I haven't eaten anything since this morning and you know what it's like having to quickly change your plans because of work? Always having dead set plans and then having your boss tell you, you have to go to London to speak with one of the major contracts. It's full time, but I enjoy it." I smiled at her and then went back to flicking through my magazine. After I had finished reading all the gossip stories in there I closed it and looked at my watch; again.

"So, where are you off to?"

I didn't know if I should answer, but deciding that I didn't want to come across as rude I answered her, "London. I have a friend who lives there and I haven't seen her in a few years so I've decided to visit her. And it's her birthday coming up so it gives me an even bigger reason to go and visit."

"Lovely. I couldn't imagine never seeing my girlfriends; they're the ones who save me when I'm stressed out from work. You must find it hard?"

This woman had no idea how much I missed Casey. Having no real friends it was always hard to talk to them about everything I was going to. Normally I would just text Casey and she would come over to my apartment with a bottle of wine and pizza in hand. Then we'd watch some lame chick flick and laugh about how bad the acting was. Before she'd leave we'd make plans to go out for lunch the next day or day after that and then she'd text me when she got home. And since she left I couldn't do that. We Skyped, but it was never the same!

"Definitely. I never thought it'd be as hard as it is, but I managed to get through it and every time we meet up its special because we no longer take each other for granted."

There was an awkward pause between us before she spoke again, "I'd never manage it and I'm glad I never have to. My friends all work in the same business as me, so we're always going to lunch and things like that."