Justin Bieber imagines


Dialing Justin’s number as fast as you could, your eyes full of tears. You had just caught your boyfriend cheating on you.Sitting in you car waiting for Justin to answer.He was the only person you would talk to.


’ H-H cheated on me’

‘What? That bastard.I’ll beat the sh-‘

‘Justin please don’t’

‘Fine. Just come over to my house, okay?’

‘Okay i’ll be there in 10"

‘Kay, Be careful’

When you pulled in Justin’s driveway you ran up and knocked on his door. The door flew open as you were engulfed in Justin’s arms as he pulled you inside and sat you on the couch he hugged you again. You lost it and sobbed into his chest.

‘Hey shh. He isn’t worth it."

He lifted your chin up and looked in your eyes. His hazel eyes were full of sorrow. He leaned down and his lips met yours. You always had feelings for him, but never had the guts to say anything. He pulled away and looked into your eyes.

‘I love you’

’ I love you too, Justin"

He just smiled like a fool and you pulled him into another kiss.


credit to stratfordsinfinity on tumblr

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