I Can Heal Your Scars (Skylox)

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hey so this is an update from me talking about this story I wrote a long time ago. There are lots of errors and deleted chapters and it's a mess but if your desperate for this ship then go ahead and read it but I warned you.

Deadlox's POV~

I watched the seconds pass onto minutes. I sat at my computer desk waiting for Sky to get on. Today, I was going to tell him something important.. I'm tired of hiding this.. And no I wasn't going to tell him I loved him. I'm not ready to do that yet. I must of spaced out because Adam has been calling me over and over again on Skype. I answered and turned on my camera. His face pops up on the screen.

"Ty! It's about time you answered!"

"Sorry I spaced out."

"It's fine dude. So what mini game do you wanna play?"

"Actually.. I need to tell you something. Or rather show you."

"What is it?"

Was I really about to do this? Well, no turning back now. I pulled down my sleeves, reveling my fresh cuts, and showed then to my camera.

"Wha- T-Ty..."

I quickly pulled down my sleeves, and stared down at my fingers.

"Ty.. Did.. Did you do that to yourself?"

I looked up at the screen, slowly nodding my head yes.

"But why?"

"I'm depressed.. I just.. I just hate myself.. Everything about me is just so.. Ugh." I sighed.

It was true.. All true. Why would I bother Adam with this, you may ask? I needed to tell someone, and he's my best friend.

"Well that's strange.. Because I love you. Everything about you is perfect to me." I looked up at the screen again. Did he just say he loved me? "I'm coming down there."

"Adam what do you mean?"

"I'm gonna catch a plane ride and stay with you."

"You don't hav-"

"Yes I do. See you in a couple hours."

He logged off Skype. I might as well make this place look ok. I got up and began to throw all the trash I had away and all the other useless crap into the closet. It only took me an hour to clean up my apartment. I took a shower, ate lunch, and just browsed the Internet for a while. I got a call on my phone and it was from Adam.


"Hey! My plane just landed. I'm gonna take a cab to your apartment. Where do you live?"

I told him my address then got off the phone. I watched tv until I heard a knock at my door. I really just want to hide, I'm so nervous.. I walked to the door and turned the knob. I felt someone jump on me and I hit the floor.


" Ty!"

"Hi Adam." He hugged me tightly, nearly choking me. When he got up he reached out his hand to help me.


"Ty, I've missed you."

"Same here.. But uh about you." He laughed and we sat down on the couch.

"Uh.. So."

"Ty... Can I see?"

"See what?"

"You um.." He looked like he was going to cry.

"Oh uh yeah.."