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Super Natural


         I was once a normal kid. I thought I would be normal for my whole life. But of course I was wrong.

          I wake up in my bed. I can hear the morning bird chirping. I smell my mom's best pancakes. The smell of the sweet maple syrup and that fresh steaming smell of the pancakes. Oh how I love my mom's best pancakes. But I wonder why my mom was making them. She always makes them on special occasions.  I plop out of my bed.  My feet hit the floor.  I trot to the kitchen following the incredible smell. As I walk in the kitchen I see my mom making the pancakes. She has a big smile as she sees me. Her nice black hair shimmered in the sun as the window was open. The cool air flowed threw the room.

        I ask, "Why are we having your best pancakes, mom?''

        She says, "Don't you remember what today is? "

        "No."  I say.

       " It's your cousin's wedding.  We are going to it later today." she says.

         I thought about my cousin's wedding for a minute. It would be the very first wedding I had ever been to.  I do not know how it would be like. I always thought weddings were like church but I am not too sure.  Not many people marry in my family so I am looking forward to the experience.

        As I bite into the juicy taste of the pancake, my mom packs everything for the wedding.  My mom really likes to do stuff early so she doesn't have to worry about doing it later. I get out of my chair and start helping my mom just to make things faster.

        I ask, ''What is the wedding going to be like, mom?"

        She says, "We're just going into a church, sitting down and watching your cousin kiss his bride."

       I think that watching my cousin kiss his bride doesn't sound too pleasant.  Well I'm sure there is more to it then just that.  I walk to the car with all the packed stuff that they need for the wedding.  I have to tell you that  the boxes were heavy.  I walk in the house very tired and almost fell to the ground not even noticing what a nice morning it was. The perfect amount of wind and just enough sun to make it hot but not too hot.  I go to the living room and collapse on the couch.  As I am watching T.V. .  I see my dog from the side of my eye.  My dog is a beagle with long fur with brown spots scattered everywhere.  He loves to play and likes to chase squirrels. Even if we say the name "squirrel" he goes crazy.  All of a sudden he looks at me in a different way.  He normally has a face that does not know what's going to happen, or a face that's energetic and playful. But instead he looks mischievious and evil.  I try to ignore it but he just kept staring at me. So I look at him face to face. Then he starts running at me.  I am getting scared so I move back a little. As he leaps into the air, his slobber flows from his mouth like a plane crashing to the ground.  Then his feet land on my stomach.  After that he starts licking me 1000 times. There is slime all over my face.  I grab my dog and flip him off me in a playful motion.  

        After 3 hours I am getting dressed for my cousins wedding. I have to wear a tuxedo that is not very comfortable.  I walk out of my room and my mom looks at me and grins. I know she is thinking that I look funny in a tuxedo. Well it's not my fault that I don't wear a tuxedo that much. Everybody is not used to it and that's why I look funny.

      My sister walks out of her room in a fancy looking dress and looks at me with her big blue eyes and starts laughing.  She says " You look like a weirdo."

      My mom looks at my sister with an unhappy face. "Don't make fun of your brother, Amy", my mom says.

       " Well its not my fault that he looks wierd", Amy says.

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