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Chapter Eight

Warm under the covers, Anna's body was pressed to mine. Tangled together we were touching in all the appropriate places to make my body yarn for hers. Cracking open my eyes, I looked at her sleeping peacefully and felt, not for the first time, the need to touch her. Pushing the covers off of us a little, I extended my arm and trailed my fingers down her side. Under the beautiful face, and amazing body slept a devil with a temper, and waking her early was a sure way to rouse said devil.

Kissing her soft cheek, I moved my lips over her jaw until I could pressed them against her pink ones softly. Opening her eyes slowly, she smiled against my lips. Pushing her fingers into my hair, she pulled away from my lips slightly to look at me.

"Good morning beautiful," I muttered looking at her lips once more.

"Same to you gorgeous," she remarked her eyes wandering over my face when I glanced at her.

Pressing my lips back to hers, I let me hand slide down between our bodies. My fingers trailed across her smooth hip before I yanked her into my body. A thin, yellow, cotton shirt was all that separated my mouth from her body. Breaking the kiss, I pushed her back so I could get access to her breast. Tilting my head down, I softly bit her erect nub through the rough material. Hissing she pushed her lower body into mine. Already I was hovering over her, but now I moved making my way between her legs. Her legs wrapped around my hips, I pushed against her even though our cotton shorts and top was separating us.

Her lips to mine, she wanted control of the kiss, but I wasn't giving it up that easily. Flicking my tongue across hers, I brought my hand up and grasped one of her firm breast. Squeezing lightly, I pinched the hardened peek between my thumb and index finger. Leaving my lips, she kissed down my neck, and my collarbone. Tilting my head I allowed her to explore while reaching for the hem of her shirt. Pushing it up over her breast, I brought my mouth down around the tiny, pink bud on her chest. Rubbing my hand down her hips, I knew just how far I wanted to go.

With the taunt pebble still in my mouth, I rolled my tongue over it. Anna arched into my mouth, craving more. I delighted in the taste of her cream colored skin. Her moans of my name only encouraged me to keep going. Trailing kisses down her stomach, I kissed across her navel and down to her pelvic bone. Grabbing the end of her shorts, I yanked them down fully. Tossing them to the side, she was exposed to me. Spreading her legs, she said my name lowly.

I took that as an invitation to sample her body as I had wished to do for a long time. Moving towards her, I kissed her inner thigh. Hissing, she arched her back, begging me to touch her. Blowing a warm breath over her wet heat, I reach for it before touching her with my fingers for the first time. Warm and wet she was ready for my touch. Bringing my mouth down to her sweetness, I ran my tongue over her. Dragging in a breath she tangled her fingers in my hair keeping me close to her body.

Lapping at her body, she tasted wonderful before I slipped my fingers into her slowly. She was tight around them, and squeezed as she called my name. Increasing my pace, she called my name and before long was releasing on my fingers. I sucked and licked on her body until she had stilled the rush of her pleasure leaving her. Moving up her body, I pressed my lips to hers swiftly. Returning the kiss for a moment, she smiled against my mouth before pulling us over so she was hovering over me.

With a teasing smirk, she leaned down and kissed my neck before her lips trailed lover. Much as I had done, she pushed my shirt up and captured the swollen pink tip in her mouth. Rubbing her tongue over it, I hissed in pleasure from her touch on my overly sensitive peek. She bit the peek, and I pushed my fingers into her soft hair holding her to my chest, demanding more of her. Compiling with my silent request her tongue and mouth worked the pebble, while her hand trailed down my side.

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