Chemistry Lessons (A My Chemical Romance Love Story)


My name is Kat, I'm eighteen years old. My black hair is usually in a ponytail, or straight.I have my teeth sharpened to fangs, only for protection from them, I'll get to it in a minute. My green eyes, (I wear cat eye contacts all the time.), are sad and filled with tears most of the time, because my foster parents have abused me since I was thirteen. My real parents died in a horrible plane crash on their way home from Canada. They were on a business trip, something happened and the pilots lost control of the plane. It crashed into the side of a mountain. Anyway, here I am, covered in bruises, scars, and my own blood. I have one particular memory that explains how much they abuse me.


They left me one week when I was eighteen, they "wanted some time away from the town", but they really meant me. The night they came back they seemed to be drunk. My "father" literally took half an hour trying to get up both sets of stairs to the third floor, more specifically my room. I was listening to Famous Last Words when he kicked down the door to my room. He pulled out a gun and shot too close to my face, but he was aiming for the radio. Why he had a gun I didn't know. The radio was blown to bits. He staggered over to me and yelled in my face.

"WHY THE F*** IS THERE NO DINNER ON THE TABLE?! AND WHY IS THE HOUSE NOT SPOTLESS?!", he yelled. His breath smelled strongly of  alcohol. I tried to speak but all I could do was make little squeaky  sounds. He pulled his fist back and let it connect right between my eyes. Okay he's got like epically huge hands, so the punch hit my eyes and nose. My glasses shattered right on my face, he fumbled down the stairs and out the front door, leaving me upstairs covered in blood and with glass in my face.

I was starting to lose consciousness, I ran down the stairs holding my nose with one hand. There was a note on the front door, but I ignored it. I looked down to notice my bright yellow shirt had red streaks of my own blood. I got where our yard meets the road and collapsed, probably because of blood loss. I lost complete consciousness right before a bus rolled by. It seemed to slow as it passed me. I prayed to God they came to help.


When I woke up I was in a bed. I was also in a plain white room that smelled like rubbing alcohol. Everything was blurred and fuzzy. I heard a familiar voice shout, "NURSE! NURSE! SHE'S AWAKE!", I couldn't make out the exact person who said it. It was definitely male, then it clicked.....

 Comment if you want more. :3 I know it's a crappy beginning but it picks up after this I swear. I hope you like it so far. I LOVE YOU MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!! I WANNA MEET YOU SOME DAY!!

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