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Change of Plans



I AM SO SORRY GUYS! I haunt been about to write in literally FOREVER, but guess what. I finished the book! This is the final chapter :) HOPE YOU LIKE IT! COMMENT AND VOTE!! :D

And remember, there's gonna be a sequel ;)



The two pink lines shown brightly, signaling more craziness in my life.

We made an appointment that afternoon, and a couple hours later, our little family sat in the sonogram room, awaiting the doctor.

"Serenity, you're gonna be a big sissy, did you hear that?" I asked her quietly, bouncing her on my leg as she sucked her thumb, looking around the room intently.

We came home to a surprise party for the three, soon to be four, of us.

Amy was home from college, bringing home news of her own.

"I'm engaged!" she squealed to the group of girls that were crowded into the small living room of the guest house.

The party began to die down around ten and the girls were exhausted having had an eventful day.

Hayden put Serenity to bed as I said goodbye to the last few guests and we met in our bedroom, collapsing on the king sized bed.

"We can't have another baby." Hayden said quietly, staring up at the ceiling.

I turned over and looked at her, but she wouldn't look at me.

"Why not?" I whispered back.

She stayed silent, but soon I heard her labored breathing and saw the tears sliding down her cheeks.

"What if this baby dies too?" she looked at me then, grief, despair, and guilt clouded her eyes.

"It's not your fault that Serenity is sick." I said, pushing a few pieces of stray hair behind her ear and wiping a few stray tears away.

"Then who's fault is it?" she whispered harshly.

"Baby, sometimes it isn't anyone's fault. Sometimes things just happen."

As we fell asleep that night, tears fell from both of our eyes as we laid in the darkness, unable to sleep.



Hayden's POV

"It's a boy." the doctor said, smiling at the three of us.

Serenity clapped and smiled at us as she sat at her daddy's lap.

She was looking better today.

A good day, for once.

But she had her moments.

She was talking now. She said mommy, and daddy, and gramma, and granpa, and baby.

Today would mark exactly three weeks until her first birthday.

She was strong.

The doctor said that she might be able to fight it, grow to be older than one, but he couldn't promise anything.

The days were tough knowing that my precious baby girl was dying.

Knowing that in just another couple months, I would be bringing another baby into the world.

Our first class reunion was coming up next week.

It'd be a year since we graduated.

Amy was home now. She would spend most of the day on the phone with Zachary, her fiancée, who lived in Seattle.

One day, she stopped by.

"How's my beautiful best friend?" she asked, giving me a hug as she walked into my small living room.

"I'm exhausted." I sighed, sitting down in a stiff leather chair in front of the fireplace.

"Well, would a little shopping trip cheer you up?" she asked, squatting down beside my chair, taking my hand in hers.

I let out a big sigh as I turned to look at her. Her thousand-watt smile seemed to light up the room, and it was contagious.

"I guess," I smiled, "but what about Serenity?"

"Xavier can watch her for a few hours. You need a break sweetie." She stood and walked over to a window overlooking the woods.

"Keeping yourself closed up in this tiny house in not gonna keep her alive." she said quietly.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

All we wanted was to spend all of our time with Serenity, but we had stayed in all the time, other than doctor visits and walking to my parents house.

"What you guys need right now is a vacation." Aims said with her huge smile.

I smiled back at her and awkwardly got out of the chair, walking over to the window and joining her. "I think you're right."

The days flew by and the class reunion came and went.

Many of our friends had left the area, so none of them knew about Serenity's disease.

Amy filled them in.

It seemed like everyone was there, filling the gym, telling their success stories.

All we had to tell about was Serenity and the baby on the way.

But it was our life.

Our perfect, tragic life.

They called the Homecoming King and Queen up and Xavier and I walked the steps to the stage, yet again.

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