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Ben's POV

It was morning and Jeff was out, I know cause 1. He wasn't here when I woke up and 2 he left a note on da fridge. I wonder where he went...But I shouldn't really it's none of my business any way.... I might as well eat some breakfast. I get the eggs out and a bunch of random stuff, tomato's, mushrooms, cheese and a whole lot more and I make myself an omelet. Once I finished eating I washed up and went into my room but making sure the door was locked first, and it was. Anyway I go to my room and get out my little note book for doodlin'. I was doodlin' for about 3 hours....I was on roll bitches B). I thought I might stop for a bit and watch something on TV. But before I opened the my bedroom door  I hear scratching on my window. It was grinny. I opened the window and greeted him. "Heyo Grinny"

"Hey Ben :3"

I give him his favorite snacks "So what brings you here?"

"Aww nothing thought I might just come since it's our day of"


"I have to spend my free days with Smile :3" Grinny says as he eats the treats

"Oh ok"

"Grinny I'm freezing down here!"

"Oh Stop ya barking you dog!"

"Oh Grinny..."

"Hmm yeah?"

"You know all this "Mind talking" shit....Can lets say I dunno Jeff here me if I think of him or anyone else for that matter?"

"Oh no don't worry bout it, mainly animals can use it and it's controlled....some how....I don't know how but it is...So there's nothing to worry about ok"

"Ok...Umm should I let Smile come up?"

"Naww don't worry bout it! He's fine"


"Oh stop ya barking you Dog!!!"

I chuckled we talked for about for an hour with Smile barking his ass  off. But Grinny had to go so he left. I took the treats he didn't eat and put them in a draw where my sketch book was...I mean I gotta keep moving my sketch book around I mean what if Jeff finds it again, ah that would be a nightmare... Speaking of Jeff...He's been out for about 4 hours what the hell....Oh well I guess. I went down stairs and watched TV for about and hour and a half, before I knew it it was 3am it was getting light, but not to light, cause it was winter. The days are always shorter in the winter and in Autumn. I wish it was snowing though, but that's not ganna happen any time soon it was early winter after all..So it got around 10am and I was very worried about Jeff I mean who dafaq goes out for this long?  I sat there thinking to myself as I draw. I hear the door unlock, it must have been Jeff I opened my bedroom door and go down stairs and meet Jeff...With someone else with him. He was tall and he had a blue mask no eyes. "U-u-um Hi..." I said kinda nervous "Hello I'm eyeless Jack and you?" "Oh I'm Ben Drowned....." "And I'm Jeff da killaaaaa!" Jeff says in a funny  yet horrible I think British voice. I chuckle and go up to my room leaving them alone...It broke my heart just thinking about it but...Jeff looks happy and I have no reason to be jealous I mean.....Wait a sec.....DID I JUST SAY...WELL THINK JEALOUS??!!! oH FUCK NO!. I lay there in my bed thinking to myself... Ah am I really jelous but how can I be I mean I don't......I don't......Love Jeff?? Do I? What the WHAT THE FUCK BRAIN??!! I stuff my face into my pillow. I usually like to stuff my face into my pillow when I feel embarrassed or something. Ben you are one jealous muddafagga...I am I am....But I shouldn't be.....I hope Jeff breaks up with Jack.....processing.......what? WHY DAFAQ WOULD I WANT THAT?!!  1st of all how do I know that they are dating...2nd Why would I wish my friend that?!Do I dare sink that low?! Ah death I'm an idiot and big jerk if not! I'm so stupid... I stuff my face into my pilloq even more, grabbing it and squeezing it tightly.... I lay there for about and hour thinking on how I feel, and I hear the door open and shut, Jack must have left.  Now what have I realized thinking for about an hour lets see...I'm a jerk...an Idiot...low life....and....I love Jeff.....I really don't want to admit it but it's the truth...I mean what else can explain my feeling hate??!! I think not....