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Harry Styles Imagines


Everyone’s always heard the saying ‘Love is Blind,’ and if that was true, then I was as blind as a bat. It was an understatement to say I was head over heels for Harry. He was a drug to me, and it seemed as though my mind couldn’t function without him and I needed him every second of the day. I was coming home a little early from work seeing as it was our boss’ birthday. Images of Harry consumed my mind and as our car pulled up to the driveway. I made a quick stop on the way home, picking up an album that Stevie Wonder signed himself. I waited in line for an hour, but it was worth it…anything for Harry.

“Harry?” I called. There were sounds of shuffling from upstairs and being the curious person I am, I followed the noises, rushing up the stairs. I gripped the album in my hand, pre playing the various reactions when I saw Harry’s face. The smile was completely wiped from my face when I heard the giggles of a female. Maybe Gemma was home? I attempted to reassure myself that Harry was just having fun with Gemma upstairs or something. I was confident, and then, the sound of a soft moan escaped from behind the wooden door. Okay. Definitely NOT Gemma. I wracked my brain for every reason Harry wouldn’t cheat on me, but I couldn’t find one. I slowly opened the door and I saw Harry on top of an unfamiliar girl. With every movement my eyes witnessed, my heart shattered more. My body became numb with pain and I threw the album on the floor, forcing myself to run, not looking back. 

(Harry’s P.O.V)

The sound of something crashing to the floor made me break away from some girl I was kissing. Who she was, I had no idea. Why I was cheating on my girlfriend, good question. I saw the familiar locks of long curly brown hair and though her back was turned, I knew it was Y/N. I immediately pushed the random girl from underneath me and chased after the love of my life. My foot stepped on a surface that I knew was not the floor and I looked down at the Stevie Wonder album. My eyes popped out of my head when I saw he actually signed it. Stevie Wonder actually signed it.

To Harry,

Keep singing lad.


I couldn’t believe my idol signed it and the love of my life got him to sign it. God why do I always screw things up?

(Your P.O.V)

“Y/N!” Harry called. I kept running. Anywhere but here; somewhere I felt safe. I ignored Harry’s pleas to get me to stop and continued to force my numb legs to move.

“Stop,” Harry breathed, grabbing my wrist.

“What do you want Harry? Don’t you have a girl to sleep with?” I snapped and Harry flinched at my words.

“I didn’t mean it,” Harry mumbled.

“Its one thing to say things you don’t mean, but its another do cheat on someone and say you don’t mean it. That’s just lying at its best isnt it?” I scoffed.

“Y/N please let me explain?”

“What’s there to explain? You cheated, I saw, you broke my heart. That pretty much sums it up right? Good i thought so.” I knew I was being harsh, but I didn’t care. 

“I didn’t mean to.”

“Thats the thing though. You never mean to. Just let me know one thing? Was I not perfect enough?”

“No baby that’s not it.”

“You don’t love someone because their perfect. You love some in spite of the fact that their not. I guess I was wrong to think you could do that. Goodbye Harry.”

*6 months later*

Broken it was, my heart did lie.

Shattered and crushed you think it would die.

I was in love before but now i’m out.

Through the lies and schemes I just want to shout.

So tell me God is there something I can gain,

Is their someone to help my heart feel no pain?

I walked along the road, thinking of my future. Who would be in it, Would my heart be broken along the way, and who should I trust. I wondered if I would love again, and who it would be with. My body was met by another, knocking the breath from me. My brown eyes were melted into some green ones…his green ones. I quickly looked at the sidewalk, suddenly finding the cracks interesting and forced my legs to walk.

“Y/N,” Harry asked, his voice breaking at the end. I found myself turning around, and I got a better look at his features. His eyes were blood shot, his hair looked disheveled like he hadn’t combed it in days, and he wore clothes like he didn’t care about his appearance.

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