Chapter 27

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Alice’s POV

I was in a good mood as I entered my 1st period, which was math. Mr. Kale, my teacher, looked at me with surprise when I entered the room and took a seat in the back, trying not to drag attention as people started flooding into the room.

I heard the whispers as people noticed me but I just kept my head down and starred at the desk, refusing to meet anyone’s eyes.

When the bell finally rang Mr. Kale cleared his throat and began talking “Alight class settle down. Today we will be reviewing the quadratic formula for everyone get out his or her notebooks. Now we all know about the upcoming test so I suggest…”

I zoned out after awhile of Mr. Kale droning on and on and I busied myself with just staring out the window and thinking about Ashton.

I heard Mr. Kale clear his throat again and the class giggled. I turned my attention to the front of the class and realized that everyone was starring at me.

“Um I’m sorry, what?” I asked, feeling the blood rush to my cheeks in embarrassment.

“I asked if you remembered the quadratic formula Ms. Atwood.” He said, repeating the question he had already asked me but I hadn’t heard.

“Oh um it’s plus or minus b squared times the square root of b squared minus 4 times a times c all over 2 a.” I recited, not missing a beat.

Mr. Kale looked please and gave me a little nod and a muffled “Good.” Before going back to his lesson.

Before when I had lived with Russell I was bored a lot so I had nothing better to do than study. If I wanted to I could probably skip a grade but I didn’t want to draw even more attention to myself.

Speaking of grades Ashton was already a senior so that means he wouldn’t be here with me next year… damn.

As the lesson continued I didn’t pay much attention and when the bell rang I was the first one out the door.

Making my way to 2cd period I didn’t see Ashton or Travis but I met Holly right outside the door as we entered together.

The majority of 2cd period was me filling Holly in on everything going on. I know I shouldn’t just spill all of my secrets but I didn’t girl advice and Holly was my closest girl friend.

“Wow… you sure do have your hands full.” Holly laughed after I got done explaining everything.

“Tell me about it.” I joked back.

“So Ashton’s got you under lock and key then hu? Not going to let you out of his sight?” She asked glumly.

“Pretty much.” I replied back, pouting at the end.

“Well you know what I say? Screw him go off and do your own thing who cares!” She said excitedly.

I sighed, playing with my hands on my desk “Last time I did that I almost got killed. Plus I don’t want to fight with Ashton. I never do. He’s just do damn controlling and frustrating sometimes you know? It’s like he doesn’t understand that I’m one of his little wolves he can just boss around! No offence or anything.” I said, shooting Holly a quick glance.

“Yeah well that’s your basic Alpha for yah.” She sighed.

“So all Alphas are like this? It’s not just him?” I asked.