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Chapter 2

"Okay then Elek, please choose someone to show you around for the week. I warn you now, if I see Elek wondering round on his own, then that person will get detention." Mrs. Berling said firmly.

"Thanks Mrs. Berling." Said Elek, grabbing the teachers hand and kissing it. I looked at Mrs. Berling and couldn't help but roll my eyes. She looks like she is going to faint any minute now. She has her hand next to her face, fanning herself with it and I swear you can hear her sigh.

Is there anyone who isn't swooning over this guy?

I cleared my throat to get her attention. She looked around and snatched her hand out of Alek's grip. I snuck a glimpse at Elek and can see that he is very amused. He knows what he does to people. Especially women.

"Well...Elek please choose a buddy to show you around the school." She was fussing over her hair and clothes. I have got to say that Mrs. Berling is pretty...for her age I mean. She is in her late fourties but looks like she is in her early thirties.

She has long, black, wispy hair and light blue eyes that almost look grey. She has some wrinkles underneath her eyes but she has long curvy eyelashes and make up to cover the wrinkles. I can actually see Mrs. Birling being a heart-breaker when she was younger, dating the jocks and making the nerds swoon.

She is married to the head teacher (principal) believe it or not. She kept her own name as a sign of independence. I think she is having an affair though. She is nearly always late to class. At lunch she waits for Mr. Jonhston and they walk together to the staff room with her giggling.

"Oi, dog breath, woo hoo, wake up you little rat!" I snapped out of my thoughts about Mr. Johnston and Mrs. Berling, shuddering slightly. I looked to my right and at Mariah.

"What?" I screamed

"You, little twirp, are Elek's tour buddy...well at least for the week." She said grudgingly. I had to take a moment and let that all sink in.

Mr.Calvin Klien guy...is...my...buddy...

"NO!!!." I screamed, standing up and glaring right at him.

"I do not want to be his tour buddy. There are a lot of willing helpers in this class."

As soon as I said that nearly half of the class had there hands up - Mariah's included.

"Please Miss let me-"

"No Miss let me-"

"Oh for Gods sake! Now listen to me and listen to me good because I am only going to tell you guys this once. Only Alysia can be Mr. Riley's buddy. He has chosen. Now Alysia, if you want to keep yourself from getting suspended again (she is talking about the fight between this girl and I, who was pushing and shoving Sarah around and I got really angry - ending in the girl begging for mercy and me smiling in triumph) I suggest you take Mr Riley to his classes." Mrs.Berling turned to Elek waiting for an answer.

Elek turned to me with a smirk, "yes, ma'am." That is all he said. The little dweeb...

The bell rang, signalling us to go to our first period classes.