One Direction Imagines And Preferences.


You wake up in the morning and stretch. It's your birthday today and you are really excited to celebrate it. You see that Harry isn't beside you so you think that he woke up early to prepare something for you. You giggle and go outside.

"Good morning Harry" you greet him and hug him from behind as he is reading the newspaper.

"Morning love" he greets you back, smiling.

"So, what are we gonna do today?" You ask him.

"Nothing really. I need to go to the studio to do some things after breakfast. Mind making me some?" He asks. You nod and go into the kitchen, feeling hurt. How could he forget?! You don't lose hope and think that maybe he will remember later.

After breakfast, he still doesn't remember and just leaves to finish his work. He doesn't come back until around six in the evening. The whole day you received calls from everyone you knew but harry still hasn't wished you. Harry walks in and hugs you and sits on the couch to watch tv.

Just then, the phone rings so you pick it up. It's your mother.

"Happy birthday my baby!" Your mom wishes you.

"Thanks mom!" You say but your mom immediately realizes that you are upset and asks you what's wrong.

"Nothing, it's just, my boyfriend doesn't remember my birthday." You say the last part a bit louder so that Harry can hear. The look on Harry's face is priceless as he realizes what he has forgotten. After you put down the phone, you sit on the couch one seat away from Harry and stare at the tv- completely not paying attention at it though.

Harry slides beside you and pokes you nervously.

"Babe I'm sorry I forgot. Happy birthday." He says but you look away, giving him the silent treatment.

"Babeeee" he whines. "Talk to meeee" he stretches the words and pokes you continuously. In the end, you can't help it and you burst out laughing. He grins and laughs too.

"Yay! I knew you couldn't stay angry at me for long!" He cheers happily. You suddenly stop laughing and turn to him.

"Don't get too happy. I want my present or no kisses for a week." You threaten jokingly, but manage to keep a straight face. He looks so alarmed that you burst out laughing again. He pouts and stares at you.

"I won't punish you but I still want my present." You say seriously once you are done laughing.

"Okay," he sighs. "Get ready, I have a surprise for you." And before you can say anything, he kisses you and walks away. You smile as the blood rushes to your cheeks and get ready. You have the best birthday dinner of your life as Harry manages to call as many people you know as he can for the dinner.


Hope you liked that! :)

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