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Chapter one Page one: Friendly Abuse.


How could my parents do that to me I thought they loved me. I ran down the wet cobblestone street, tears were streaming from my eyes.  I had no idea where I was running off to. I was just running and running, and running. I stopped underneath a rusted lamp post and leaned against it catching my breath. I started to catch my breath when I saw a car speeding my direction I knew who it was. I looked around promptly and I saw a gate behind me with a small opening I could fit through. I ran quickly towards it You have to go home eventually you know. I barely fit through the opening and I scratched my stomach pretty badly. I ignored the stinging pain and kept running. Right about now I was beyond scared I could hear the car tires making sharp turns they knew where I was going. I always went to the school park whenever something happening. This time I was going to change things up a bit. I saw a small bush that I could hide in a call my best friend Hazel and see if I could crash there. I hid in the small bush in someones front yard and called Hazel. My breathing was becoming heavier I feared the worst her not being home.

"Hello?" I sighed in relief

"Hey can I come to your house?" There was a slight pause.

"Yeah come right over if you want the door is unlocked". I let out a huge breath of air.

"Okay thanks" and hung up.

I got up and looked around  there were no cars but I knew I had to go a different road. I walked across the street and cut through someone's yard. I attempted to jump their fence but my pants got caught onto it and torn a hole in my jeans and I ended up falling over the fence face-forward. I let out a cry of pain but it wasn't loud I couldn't wake any one up. I got up and brushed myself off and kept walking. Within 15 minutes I finally got to Hazels house. I smiled and ran to her door and pushed it open. On her couch was her, her brothers Keagan and Mason. They looked at me and their eyes got big. Hazel jumped off of the couch

"What happened to you Autumn? It looks like you got jumped". I shook my head no.

"A fence decided to attack me". She laughed when I said that.

I went over and sat on the couch Keagan smiled at me then looked at the TV. Mason was staring at me he had a timorous look in his eyes. I got up and ran up the stairs but I couldn't get his face out of my head. I opened Hazel's door. She was laying on her bed staring at the ceiling

"What really happened to you Autumn?"I was not expecting her to catch on so quickly.

"I know when you are lying". She looked at me her eyes were almost burning through my heart.

"I told you what happened when I was on the way I jumped a fence and it snagged onto my pants and I fell".

"I know that happened but those other bruises look like hand prints". I started to turn pale I can't tell anyone yet about how my parents abuse me.

Hazel grabbed her pack of cigarettes and pulled one out and started to smoke one.

"Are you going to answer my question". I could tell she was starting to lose her patients.

"I can't tell you". She got off her bed and walked towards me. She grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes

"You can tell me anything, and you know you can". Tears started to form in my eyes she grabbed me and hugged me tight.

I sighed "My parents abuse me". When I said that her hug started to become tighter. I held back my tears.

"I'm so sorry. You can stay here as long as you need". I had a feeling she was going to say that. I pulled away.

"Thank you I'm sorry for bothering you with all these mixed emotions". She tilted her head to the side.

"I'm your friend I am here to help"! Keagan knocked then let himself in he looked at me with sympathetic eyes I couldn't help but to smile.Hazel looked at both of us then finally pushed me out of her room.

"You two have fun now". She closed the door and locked it I could hear her laughing at us.

I looked at him and he smiled. I just walked downstairs and went to her kitchen. I am always here so they are used to me going anywhere I want to. I was looking through their fridge when I heard a loud knock. My heart began to pound and my legs started to feel like Jello. I walked towards the door jumping at the sound of another loud bang on the door. I slowly reached for the door knob and unlocked it then turned it a bit. I finally opened it and it was the police! I looked around and saw Keagan standing at the bottom of the steps trying to contemplate what was going on. The Cop cleared his throat.

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