Niall - Friends with Benefits

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I sigh as I down another drink. I look up and feel a pair of eyes on me, I quickly glance around the room trying to find those pair of eyes. I shrug my shoulders,as the feeling of being watched went away. Ordered another drink soon downing that one as well. I feel them on me again, those eyes burning a hole through me. I finally glance up and spot at blond,tan boy licking his lips as he glances in my direction. I feel a smirk plaster across my face and my cheeks slightly burning the color red. I don't know who this mystery blond is, but I am about to find out.

I grab my purse off of the bar and slide off of the bar stool onto my feet. Pulling my dress hem down and my heels click against the floor of the bar. I make my way over to the boy, but realize what am I going to do with him? Im not capable of being in a relationship. I can't hurt him, he seems like a sweet boy. I glance back up at him from my gaze that was on the floor and send him a quick smile,in which he returned. I shake my head and drop my gaze again and after having this long debate with myself I quickly turn down into a hallway leading into the bathroom.


"Where did she go?" I ask myself looking around for that girl. I stretch onto my tip toes searching over the crowd. I run my fingers through my hair,while letting out a long sigh. I look over to my right and notice girls making their way over to me. God I don't want to be an ass,but the only girl im interested in was the one that just practically vanished into thin air. I smile down at the girls while they run their hands up my arms and chest. It's taking almost everything not to roll my eyes. "Look ladies. Im not interested, but my friend over there is." I sigh and point into Harry's direction.

The girls scurry off towards Harry and my eyes scan around the room again. I lean over to Zayn and mumble in his ear. "Hey did you see where that chick went?"I question. "Sorry mate. I don't know who you're talking about."He grumbles while pressing the bottle to his lips. I sigh again to make sure my annoyance is heard. "Whats wrong with you now mate?" Louis asks slapping me on my back. "I saw this really hot girl and now I can't find her." I murmur while the irritation in my voice grows. "Umm is that her?" Louis asks pointing me in the direction of her gaze again. I feel a smile creep onto my face and a huge sigh of relief.

I run my fingers through my hair again and smoothing it. I run my hands down the sides of my pants wiping the sweat off of my palms. "Should I go talk to her or should I just play it cool?" I ask Louis for advice. "If you are going to play it cool. Don't count on getting laid tonight."He chuckles. He has a point, but seriously im not the type to do just a one night stand. I finally just decide to get the nerve to go and talk to her. I walk over to her and I see her eyes widen. She looks a little bit scared. "Oh fuck. Am I creeping her out? What the fuck do I do? Turn around or act like im getting a drink form the bar?" I quickly wonder.


As I suspected he makes his way over to me. maybe I should just try doing the dating thing. I'm not good at it, though. Past heartbreaks and other things involving cheating made it really hard to trust someone. But it also has been awhile since I slept with someone, so hopefully he wouldn't mind a one nighter. I smirk up at him as he walks up to me. "Hi there, M'name is Niall. I couldn't help but stare at such a gorgeous woman like yourself." Niall's Accented voice was warm and welcoming. I feel my cheeks blush again before answering the very intimidating boy. "Hi Niall, my name is Y/N" I smile. "that's a really beautiful name ya got there. It matches you perfectly." He is now breaking out the charm. "Thank you, what would you say if I asked you to get out of here with me? my place is just around the corner." I stretch up and whisper seductively into his ear.