Michael Clifford Imagines


You're sitting backstage with the boys, Your head resting on Michael's lap as you lay on the couch. Michael and the boys are singing and warming up before the show. He plays with your hair, you stare at his beautiful face as he sings.
Every note he hits, sends shivers down your spine, You're so proud of him and his gorgeous voice.

He noticed you smiling and looked down, "Y/N what you smiling at cutie?" He said.
You giggled "I just love staring at my handsome boy sing."
"Well, you can stand on side stage and what me sing even more, beautiful." Michael said all chummy.
He lent down and kissed your lips, his lips so soft on yours. Michael could feel you smiling, he broke the kiss and whispered in your ear "I love you, you make me the happiest guy ever."

Calum broke in and said "Um guys.. I know you're having some romantic time.. but Mike, we are going on in 3 minutes!"
Michael giggled loudly and kissed your lips again for luck. The boys huddled around in a circle, all of you holding hands and saying how happy and proud you're of the boys.
You could hear the crowd chanting "5SOS! 5SOS! 5SOS!"

You hugged all the boys before they went on, and stood and watched your boy peform for his fans. You cried because you were so happy that he was living his dream. He looked over to you during the show and winked. This sending butterflies through your stomach.

After the show, when you got back to the hotel, You cuddled into him as he sang you to sleep.

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