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Hey everyone!

So, if you guy’s read Love, Lies and a Flash of the Past, this would make sense.

And if you aren’t at chapter 23 yet, do NOT continue because there will be spoilers!

>>>>>>> Spoiler Alert! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Like I said, in my latest upload so far, I’ve been getting a lot of comments about Michael, who he is and stuff like that. And like I said, I originally wrote him with the view of him being just a minor character that could help progress the story. But the more I read the comments, the more my imagination gets to me! It’s like I can almost picture a twist in the story caused by him!

So, this is my proposal. To those of you who are interested, perhaps you could write a one shot of Love, Lies and a Flash of the Past from Michael’s point of view?

It could be any chapter I’ve already posted, a back story you think would be cool, perhaps? Anything really! I just want to see how you guys see Michael!

Here's some ideas from the top of my head, but you guys don't have to follow it obviously.

1. Michael could be an Enmortal himself

2. Michael could be a completely different, imaginary being of your choice

3. Michael could be obssessively in love with Skye himself

4. Michael could already know about Skye being poor

And the stuff you guys could address would be the stuff that I've written in my story already, like: -

1. Why is Michael butting in Skye and Haden's business?

2. Why did he threaten Skye?

3. Is he following her around? If he is, why?

4. Why does he hate Haden so much?

I’ve already gotten two one-shots so far. And I know some of you are halfway writing it already.

I decided to open up this ‘story’ to compile the one shots so everyone can read them and then you guys vote and choose the one you think is best. What ‘cha say?

This is how it works. You guys write the chapter, whatever length you like, and then private message me. If you rather not send the chapter via private message, send me an email and then I’ll upload it here.

Thanks so much for all the help and support guys! It really means a lot to me! J


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