Brother and sister

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Story One

Brother and Sister

Written on 19, 5, 2013

His blue eyes penetrated her with a glee of anger, frustration and remorse. As the wind uncombed his dark red hair, now turning pitch black, Roger sat loosely, positioned on the back of his chair, focusing his gaze upon her. She was a charming young woman, with a sheepish smile, long flowing black hair, smooth thin rose lips, and sea blue eyes.

Yet now she was different, her posture erect, her hands firm around the chair's back. She was returning to the formal posture of the soldier, yet even that could not appease her brother's mood.

He just kept staring at her with hawk eyes, first at her soul and then at her body. The aura of power forced her to sit.

He was judge, prosecutor, and witness at the same time, but he had still wanted to meet her alone, only as her brother, not as her military and social superior.

Yet just because he had relieved the guards of their duty, the tensions were still high, and not in any sense calming down.

'You know that I know.' His eyes would say, yet he also told 'I still plan to keep this a secret.'

Eventually she could not stand the pressure any longer, so she sat down and awaited her brother's typhoon of anger to strike, but he was patient.

Roger would vent his anger slowly, like a poisonous snake. He would be cold, and precise and powerful. His face was already pale, his hands were fists, and he wore panoply except for his helmet.

It was an odd thing about her brother, but whenever he was in extreme anger, he turned pale like a frozen corpse, rather then to redden as most others. The same was true for whenever he was in agony; his face would lose all blood.

'Does he bleed himself like Glaukous?' She asked herself, yet her other brother would still be fire hot with anger now and not cold like ice.

Roger opened the drawer on his desk and revealed her the written documents, papers, testimonies, tickets, addresses, and even photos. Everything needed to make her into an imperial scandal. Julia didn't even bother with the papers; she knew they were accurate. She only looked at the photos, and was astounded by their quality and detail.

It took her much concentration not to change her rate of breathing, and reveal her anxiety to him now. Roger had long ago told her never to show weakness before the enemy. It was a lesson she had learned well and would apply even when that enemy she faced was Roger.

Now he would look at her with the same intent-full glare he gave his enemies on the battlefield; 'I will break you,' it stated.

Upon looking at her tall, pale young form, he saw a version of himself, a strong young woman, an aspiring soldier, and so much more, yet he knew his hands were tied in this case.

'She is still my youngest sister.' He thought to himself, but kept the thought hidden from her mind. No leniency could be shown here, not now.

Eventually he just spit it out; there was no means of holding back.

"Do you know what you have done?" He demanded boldly. His voice was calm and clear, yet it was no longer smooth, no longer soothing, it was cold, and made him sound more like his father.

Julia took a deep breath so as to relieve herself from his mental control, yet tears were about to form in her eyes, although she kept herself firm before him.

"Yes." She simply declared, in a faint voice.

His cold look continued to pierce her like a pike, but he did not relent his anger. There was no stopping it now.